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Official Ray Ban Clubmaster RB2128 Sunglasses Red/Black Frame AFV

Official Ray Ban Clubmaster RB2128 Sunglasses Red/Black Frame AFV

• FOR: Women & Men
• Features: Glass
• Looks best on these face shapes: All faces

The spontaneous choice of artists and celebrities, Ray-Ban has become a true worldwide phenomenon. Ray-Ban is preferred by legends, loved by individualists and imitated by everyone...

12 Things That Are Obviously Better In Canada Canadian chain restaurant Swiss Chalet's rotisserie chicken and grilled buy sunglasses ray ban ribs get a fair amount of attention, but there's always been something special about that secret sauce that people love to pour all over their food. What's in this sauce, you wonder? People have debated this point for a while and we're not exactly sure either. But we can assure you there are no milk, egg or fish products in it, (cue the vegetarian sigh of relief). But rayben glasses if you'e still not convinced, try making your own knock off version. This two in one chocolate and surprise (talk about a win win situation) wasn't really "invented" in Canada, but you won't find Kinder Surprise eggs in countries like the United States. In fact, even if you're thinking about smuggling some south of the border, you shouldn't. border. These treats have been banned in the States because of the potential choking hazard of the small toys. There are few brands in Canada as reliable as President's Choice. Mr. Christie thinks he makes good cookies but nothing tops the Decadent, the brand's answer to Chips Ahoy. Kraft Dinner, in its familiar blue box, pales in comparison to PC's White Cheddar Mac Cheese. It also doesn't hurt that nerdily handsome Galen Weston (hearthrob of Canadian suburban housewives everywhere) is the pitchman for this iconic line of Canadian products. Why yes, Mr. Weston, I'd like some more Memories of Morocco Sweet And Spicy Sauce. It completes your morning bowl of cereal, can quench thirst and is the perfect companion to chocolate chip cookies. Milk, dear readers, is an all around amazing drink. And grabbing a glass of the white stuff in Canada is unlike anything you'll be able to experience in many other countries. That's because there are no unnatural hormones in our dairy products (so concerns about negative side effects simply doesn't exist), and we serve the beverage in a plastic bag, ray & ban which, frankly, is far more convenient and environmentally friendly than cardboard containers (the baggies can be reused as makeshift lunch bags!). (Photos Shutterstock) While many historians have labelled the conflict a draw, we're not sure how repelling a foreign invader and then burning its national monuments qualifies. And it wasn't all cheap ray ban aviator sunglasses because of luck or American strategic incompetence, although that played a part. on a number of occasions. Take the fall of Detroit, when a much smaller force of British soldiers, Canadian militia and First Nations fighters convinced American General William Hull to stand down by using subterfuge. British General Sir Isaac Brock's forces allowed fake letters to fall into American hands. The missives suggested the size of their aboriginal force was much larger than it really was. Militiamen were dressed in the uniforms of British regulars. fort to create the illusion of a larger army. The result? Hull surrendered more or less without a fight. Brains over brawn for the win. America has maintained a trade blockade of Cuba since the missile crisis of 1962. Canada, not so much. In fact, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro was enough of a friend of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau to show up at his funeral in 2000. While America may have had good reason for maintaining sanctions against Cuba during the Cold War, the fall of the Soviet Union has raised serious doubts about the wisdom of the ongoing policy. administrations have avoided angering Cuban expats in the electorally important state of Florida by maintaining the blockade, they have also passed up trade opportunities that could greatly benefit both nations. On a side note, it's hard to imagine Canadian literary legend Mordecai Richler without his beloved Romeo y Julieta cigars. If Canada had joined the blockade it's possible nobody would have ever heard of Duddy Kravitz. Did we mention vacations in Cuba are cheap and beautiful? While America has been involved in many dubious conflicts over its history, Vietnam is widely considered the nation's greatest military blunder. In 1965, prime minister Lester B. Pearson even called for a cessation of bombing in North Vietnam, a move which is said to have angered president Lyndon B. Johnson. relations were never seriously damaged over Vietnam. The period is an enduring example of how two allied nations can disagree and still remain friends. While there are signs Canada is headed for a housing crash of its own in the second decade of the 21st century, it did manage to avoid the crisis of the late 2000s that brought America's economy to the brink of total collapse. Canada avoided many of the questionable lending practices that saw low income families take on homes they simply couldn't afford. But while Canada avoided the out of control leverage that characterized America in the 2000s, Canadians may not have learned the larger lesson. Since the financial collapse, international and domestic observers have grown increasingly concerned Canada is headed for its own housing meltdown. The federal government has made it more difficult to get mortgages with long amortizations and discouraged banks from lending at ever lower rates in an attempt to cool markets. Whether these moves will be enough to allow Canadians to continue to boast of their financial crash superiority remains to be seen. America's national debt stands at roughly trillion and climbing.

Canada's national debt is roughly billion. In the mid 90s, Canada significantly lowered its debt to GDP ratio with stiff cuts. While the cuts slowed economic growth to a crawl, they were seen as necessary by the Liberal government of the period after Canada's credit rating was downgraded by Standard Poor's and Moody's.

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