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Official Ray Ban #ap13679

Official Ray Ban #ap13679

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50 Strange Names Of 2012 This year, the most popular ray ban sunglasses deals baby names tended toward the traditional Sophie and Aiden were tops again in 2012.

But for every couple thousand Emma's and Noah's running around, you know there has to ray ban sungalsses be a little tyke who had more "creative" parents. Take the young lad called "Hippo" for instance, should probably befriend "Jedi" and his pal "Thunder" for a little school yard protection (actually "Popeye" might be most useful). Lucky boys "Espn" and "Google" seem to have landed themselves corporate sponsorship early in life and "Cajun", "Mango" and "Burger" shouldn't be surprised if people are always hungry around them. And if names are cost of ray ban sunglasses self fulfilling prophecies watch out for "Casanova" and "Vice"! When it comes to the girls, parents were clearly inspired by all things Gallic "Vanille", "Couture" and "J'Adore" all made appearances on the list. Geography in general proved popular, with "Zealand" and "California" being written on birth certificates this year. The letter "S" stands for "Sesame", "Shoog" and the hopefully ironic gold ray bans wayfarer "Sanity".

Re invented spellings added another layer of "flair", with "Hailo" and "Thinn". For it's glorious embrace of all that's absurd, however, you just can't go past "Yoga". Unless it's with "Leeloo".

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