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Official Ray Ban Aviator RB3044 Sunglasses Gunmetal Frame Crystal Grey Lens ADG

Official Ray Ban Aviator RB3044 Sunglasses Gunmetal Frame Crystal Grey Lens ADG

• FOR: Women & Men
• Features: Glass
• Looks best on these face shapes: All faces

The spontaneous choice of artists and celebrities, Ray-Ban has become a true worldwide phenomenon. Ray-Ban is preferred by legends, loved by individualists and imitated by everyone...

10 million court battle against former drug kingpin to keep his name Rapper Rick Ross has won a court battle against a former drug kingpin in order to keep his stage name.

In a real life Cell Block 4 scenario, the hip hop star (William Roberts II to his mother) was challenged by 'Freeway' Ricky Ross, a convicted gangster who ruled the Los Angeles drugs trade in the 1980s with polarized ray ban sunglasses alleged cocaine sales of up to $3 million a day. Other defendants in the lawsuit included Warner Bros. Records, Universal Music and Jay Z as those who Ricky claimed were instrumental in the hip hop star's rise to fame using his stolen identity. The trouble apparently started after Ricky saw a magazine article about "up and coming" rappers, which included Roberts, using the name Rick Ross. Outraged, he filed the suit against Roberts a year after he left prison in 2010. However, the time technicality was an issue when the suit went to trial the first time round the judge noted that the plaintiff had known about the rapper since at least 2006 but had failed to make his claim until 2010. While there was some evidence in court that Rick Ross had Ricky Ross in mind when creating his persona (Roberts admitted the drug lord's life story had "grabbed him" but countered that by saying his adopted stage name was based on his high school football nickname of "big boss"), it was originally dismissed on the grounds of the first amendment of the US Constitution which regards freedom of expression, among other things. Last week, an appeal trial went to court in California, but was thrown out. Judge Roger Boren, who oversaw the case, said in a statement: "We recognise that Roberts' work his music and persona as a rap musician relies to some extent on plaintiff's name and anteojos ray ban persona. Roberts chose to use the name 'Rick Ross'. "He raps about trafficking in cocaine and brags about his wealth. These were 'raw materials' from which Roberts' music career was synthesised. But these are not the 'very sum and substance' of Roberts' work. "Roberts created a celebrity identity, using the name Rick Ross, of a cocaine kingpin turned rapper. He was not simply an impostor seeking to profit solely off the name and reputation of Rick Ross. "Rather, he made music out of fictional tales of dealing drugs and other exploits some of which related to plaintiff. Using the name and certain details of an infamous criminal's life as basic elements, he created original artistic works." How did Rick Ross celebrate? By free style rapping over Kanye West's "Bound 2". Classic rapper behaviour. Listen to it here. Musicians pick their favourite albums of 2013 Dan Smith from Bastille chose 'Pure Heroine' by Lorde I think Lorde employs some of the most engaging, witty and interesting wayfarer ray ban sunglasses lyrics of the year, but they're totally backed up by good songwriting and subtly brilliant hooks. Joel Little's production is spacious when it needs to be but lush and complex at points as well, complementing the album's laconic feel. Even though it's really obvious to mention her age, it's undeniably impressive to hear what she's achieved and exciting to imagine what she might come up with next. Click the Adblock/Adblock Plus icon, which is to the right of your address bar.

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