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Official Ray Ban Cats Color Mix RB4125 Purple Orange Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Cats Color Mix RB4125 Purple Orange Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Pilot
• Frame material: Nylon
• Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

Ray-Ban ® Cats RB4125 sunglasses take the iconic Aviator? and reinterprets it into a new version crafted in lightweight propionate plastic mate...

a tribute to a local icon GOULBURN mourned the passing of one of its favourite sons last week, popular local businessman Ronald Gann.

Ronny passed away on Wednesday, February 15, at Calvary Private Hospital and was survived by his wife Helen, children Nicholas and Georgina and mother Evelyn. The 55 year old was truly a local icon. There were few people that didn't know him and everybody who did had nothing but the utmost respect for him. G Store manager Leanne Coveney worked for Ronny for nine years and says she could not have asked for a better boss. "He was more like a friend than a ray ban eyeglass frames boss," she said. "We could always do whatever we wanted in ray ban 4099 the shop. If we needed to duck out for something or if the kids needed something we'd just say, 'We'll be back in 10 minutes', and he'd say that was fine. "Every morning always started with a coffee and a chat I cared about his family and he cared about mine. We had a shop family and that was very unique." Ronny began his career in retail at the age of just 16, folding socks at Robert Allen's menswear store. It didn't take long for his employer to see his obvious talent and the young salesman was promoted to a buyer. He also worked for Ken Giddings and later Bob Rogers, where he became the owner's right hand man. When Bob retired in 1995, he and his wife purchased the store and soon after changed the name. Over the last 17 years, Ronny has built a reputation as an ethical businessman whose service was second to none. At the store, his employees used to joke that they were the workers and he was in charge of public relations. Ronny was a natural born salesman and he always greeted his customers with a friendly smile and a chat. In fact, it was his service that kept the majority of his customers coming back, "We'll get you looking good" was a common catchcry. "It didn't matter if you came in to buy a suit or a pair of socks, everybody got the same special service Ron gave," Leanne said. "People would come into the shop and you'd ask them what they wanted and they would say, 'Ron knows what size my son wears' or 'what size my husband wears' and we'd go and ask him and he knew straight away. He knew his customers. You don't get that anywhere else It wasn't just older people though, even kids would come in after school just to see him. Ron was the man. Sometimes he would have four customers waiting and they would wait just to see him." Leanne also fondly recalled his sense of humour, which often saw him gallivanting around the store in a blonde wig. He had a passion for fashion and humanity. There were few things he loved more than a good old fashioned chin wag and it wasn't unusual for him to go MIA ray bahn in the middle of the day, sometimes taking two or three hours to go to the bank discount ray ban sunglasses because he would stop and talk to too many people. While Ronny was integral part of the community and a friend to many, he was, foremost, a family man and his wife and children were the most important people in his life. Ronny and Helen married 24 years ago and always had a loving relationship. Helen says her husband was one of the funniest men she had ever met and fondly remembers his charm and wicked sense of humour. He often bought her "thoughtful gifts" that would bring a smile to her face some of the best included an iron and a doormat. "We shared many jokes and there are too many funny stories," she said. "He came home one day wearing his blonde wig and he told me he looked like Bon Jovi and I told him, 'In your dreams baby, in your dreams'." Helen said Ronny was never much of a handyman and that at home it was much the same as his relationship with his employees at the shop she was the manager and he was the PR man. His Mercedes and Harley Davidson were his two most prized possessions and spent countless hours keeping them in pristine condition.

"He loved his cars. We never had a screwdriver in the house but we had a garage full of car products," Helen laughed. Ronny was an extremely supportive father.

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