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Official Ray Ban Wayfarer Folding Flash RB4105 Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Wayfarer Folding Flash RB4105 Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Square
• Frame material: Nylon
• Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

Wear, flash, fold, unfold, wear and flash again with the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Folding Flash Lenses.
The iconic Wayfarer Sunglasses shape has been ...

a year on From York Press HOUSEHOLDERS who were flooded out of their homes last Boxing Day have told of their continuing pain and distress and revealed how the York Flood Appeal has helped them re build their lives.

Jean Puckering said she was still struggling to leave her York home after having been away when it was flooded last Boxing Day. "Being flooded has made me so anxious," she said. "Life is never the same once you have been flooded. I'm sure this must happen all the time to people who are flooded, it is such a shock when it happens. Frederick Parker, of Knaresborough, said he had been 'delighted and touched' by the 300 award, which would alleviate the pain and distress he had suffered last Christmas and for much of the past year. "The joy of last Christmas was completely destroyed by the devastating flooding to our home, and the following eight months were soul destroying too," he said. "We felt as if we lost very precious time at this late stage of our lives." He said that with the help from the appeal, he had been able to take every possible step to improve the flood resilience of his property. "Hopefully, we will never have to live through this again," he added. She said: "We have had lots of really kind messages from people telling us how they intend to use the money to make Christmas 2016 better than last year. "It has also been a positive opportunity to help even more people who are still struggling as a result of last year's sunglasses raybans devastating floods. We know that it can take a long time to recover from the devastation and upheaval of flooding and we will be helping people for as long as we can. "A year on, we have distributed nearly two thirds of the 1.3 million raised for York but have earmarked funds to help with longer term recovery as well as continuing to help people get back on their feet in their own homes." Senior partner Dr Wendy Reeves said that as the building was owned by her and her GP colleagues, they could not afford a personal payout of 50,000 each if there were to be a repeat of the flood. The surgery was finally able to obtain cover earlier this month, under a new flood insurance package announced by the British Insurance Brokers' Association. However, it faced an insurance premium of just over 39,000 and a 100,000 flood excess, compared with a previous premium of just 3,500 and an excess of only 2,500. The Environment Agency said recently it had begun investigations ray ban mirror into 'potential flood risk reduction options' for Tadcaster and had submitted a bid for additional funding. If successful, and an option was feasible and affordable, it would take between three and five years to develop and build a scheme. Ms Botherway has said that if the centre was flooded again and the building damaged to the same extent as last Boxing Day, it had told the NHS locally that it could not guarantee to continue providing care and it might need to find another provider, but she stressed this was a worst case scenario for everyone. ANYA Mathewson's lettings agency was one of 150 York businesses flooded last Boxing Day. She looks back at that traumatic time and recalls how everyone pulled together to get the business back on its feet. ANYA Mathewson went to bed early last Boxing Day at her home in Haxby, completely unaware of the disaster unfolding down in Walmgate, where her lettings agency and property management company, Letters, ray ban 1 is based. She knew the River Foss was rising after heavy Christmas rain, and was concerned that some of the 300 properties her firm manages might be affected by flooding but not her own premises. After all, it had been protected during York's last major flooding event in 2000 by the Foss Barrier and Pumping Station. At about 5am the next day, she received a text from a shocked member of her staff, showing a picture of a car in Walmgate, submerged by floodwaters from the nearby Foss. >>> FLASHBACK: 86 photos from previous severe floods in York, in 1947, 1982 and 2000 She drove down to the city centre and stood near the Walmgate Ale House, staring down the street in disbelief at her inundated premises. "I stood there and just cried," she said. "It was almost up to the letter box on the front door." Then began the Herculean task of recovery a six month process which started with relocating staff to temporary premises at Clifton Moor. Anya says it couldn't just close down, as hundreds of properties across the city depended on its management work. As the floodwaters subsided, the damage inside the Walmgate premises became evident: computers, phones, desks and chairs destroyed, archive documents sodden including tenancy agreements and legal papers carpets ruined and plasterwork wrecked. Anya is full of praise for the help she received during the recovery process, from her brokers and insurers, staff members, Make It York, the council and from numerous volunteers including a group of Muslims from Birmingham who kept knocking on the door, asking: "Is there anything we can do to help?" and who got stuck in, helping to pull up sodden carpets and remove damaged furniture. A 17 MILLION upgrade of a York pumping station should prevent any repeat of last Boxing Day's flooding disaster alongside the River Foss and its tributaries. Some of the worst and most unexpected flooding last Boxing Day happened near the Foss rather than the Ouse.

Householders and business ray ban aviator sizes owners thought their properties were safe because of the Foss Barrier and Pumping Station. The barrier was meant to prevent floodwaters from the Ouse backing up the Foss, while the pumping station was meant to pump floodwater from the Foss into the Ouse. But the station was only capable of pumping 30 tonnes of water per second and it was overwhelmed by 40 tonnes per second coming down the Foss on Boxing Day evening.

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