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Official Ray Ban Icons RB3475Q Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Icons RB3475Q Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Features: Glass
• Looks best on these face shapes: All faces

Since 1937, the name Ray-Ban has been associated with some of the most iconic styles in the history of sunglasses. From the style worn by pilots during World War II (the Aviator) t...

Access to Birmingham A2B The University of Birmingham has a long history of welcoming students from a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds.

We were one of the first universities to set up a fair access scheme for local students in 2000 and are proud to be able to offer prospective applicants the support of our A2B scheme if they clear ray bans are studying at one of our partner institutions. Everything you need to know about applying to A2B is on the website. Please read through the information carefully, including the Frequently Asked Questions ray ban 3364 (FAQs). You will find contact information ray ban rb3211 at the end of this section if you have any additional questions. If you do need to email us please write your home postcode and your current school/college in the subject line of your email enquiry. To apply, your application must be supported by a member of staff at your current school or college which is a partner in the A2B scheme. You also need to meet the following criteria: You attend a partner school or college within the West Midlands. Your parents have no experience of Higher Education in the UK or abroad. Your annual household income is or less. Your home postcode shows that you live in an area rayband sale with low levels of progression to Higher Education. You attend a non selective state school or college which is a partner in the A2B scheme. If you are in the sixth form at a selective state school (such as a grammar school) we will take into account the context in which you achieved your GCSEs. You must be classed as a Home/EU student for tuition fees. We welcome applications from mature learners, if you would like to hear more about the experiences of mature learners studying at the University of Birmingham then please view our mature students film. Do let us know in your application if any circumstances such as a disability, a long term illness or time spent caring for a member of your family has prevented you from achieving your full potential. You can use the following tool to give you an idea of eligibility from your postcode: Neighbourhood Statistics. Enter your full postcode in the 'Neighbourhood Summary' box and then click on the 'Deprivation' tab to get an overview of your local area. A successful A2B applicant will receive two offers from the University of Birmingham, the standard one and an alternative A2B offer. The A2B offer is typically a reduction of up to two A level grades (eg BBB rather than AAB) or 40 UCAS tariff points. If you pass the A2B module and get the grades needed for your A2B offer or above you will receive a bursary of in your first year of study. There is also an A2B scholarship in addition to this (see below) if you pass A2B and achieve the standard entry grades for your course. We ask schools and colleges to complete the application form with students. This is particularly important for Medicine and Dentistry applicants who will be invited for a mock interview before Christmas. Access to HE student A2B applications will be considered until the closing UCAS deadline of 15 January. For all other applicants we recommend applying for A2B as soon as the UCAS application is ready so that we can consider all your circumstances at the same time. We will only accept application forms that have come from the A2B Coordinator directly. Please note it is important to enter A2B in the Further Details section of the UCAS application form. A2B offers only apply when the student has made the University of Birmingham their firm choice. If an A2B application is not successful, the applicant could still be offered a place through the standard UCAS process at the University of Birmingham and/or at other higher education institutions.

To be entitled to the A2B alternative offer grades, students must complete the A2B module which is designed to help students make the transition from school to university. The A2B module consists of three elements: An online study support module to help with academic writing A preparation day which will help you understand what you need to do to pass the A2B module An assignment specific to the course applied for, set and marked by university tutors, completed after summer exams Applicants applying for Medicine, Dentistry, Social Work, Nursing and Physiotherapy will also be asked to attend an interview preparation session. A2B students will also be invited to an enhanced induction day before starting university to offer information, advice and guidance to prepare them for their important first term.

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