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Official Ray Ban Aviator Carbon Fibre RB8307 Green Gold Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Aviator Carbon Fibre RB8307 Green Gold Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Pilot
• Frame material: carbon fibre
• Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

Ray-Ban ® Aviator sunglasses are genius. This model is made from the most innovative materials in sunglasses and gives you a style that...

'A real kick in the guts' UPDATE 2pm: A Commonwealth Bank spokeswoman has confirmed the decision to close its Boort branch is final, saying the move was based on a 42 per cent decline in customers during the past five years.

"The decision to close this branch was not an easy one and we understand some members of the community are disappointed," she said. EARLIER: Commonwealth Bank customers in Boort are preparing to switch banks after a meeting with the bank left residents less than optimistic about retaining the town's CBA branch. Boort Business and Tourism Council president Kathryn Lanyon said more than 800 residents had signed a petition protesting the ray ban collection branch's impending June 30 closure in the lead up to the meeting this week. "I think we've presented a pretty good case and they are definitely taking us quite seriously but whether that comes to anything we don't know." Ms Lanyon said the decision buy ray ban online to close the bank branch would mean major disruptions for businesses who relied on CBA for services such as cash handling, internet banking and EFTPOS transactions would have to change all their accounts to another bank. "We had a vote at the meeting as to who would move their accounts if the closure goes ahead and it was basically everyone in the room that I could see that would be moving their accounts," she said.

"I think a lot of people were voting on the principle that if you're not going to stick by us, why should we stick by you?" Ms Lanyon said the decision was particularly disappointing as it came at a time when Boort "had never been in a better position", with a number of new businesses entering the town's "thriving economy". "We've never had more investment from both our state and federal governments as well as our local shire, we've got big corporate agricultural businesses investing in this area and things are going from strength ray ban 3119 to strength so to have this now happen just seems to be a real kick in the guts because it's going against the trend of everything else," she ray ban 4086 said.

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