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Official Ray Ban #ap13676

Official Ray Ban #ap13676

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Acid attack duo jailed TWO BENDIGO men who attempted to murder a fellow criminal by injecting him with battery acid ray ban 4098 were yesterday sentenced to jail terms in the Supreme Court in Melbourne. Craig Anthony Guthrie, 31, and Paul Graeme Watt, 27, were found guilty of the 2001 attempted murder of Sean Dertilis by Justice Redlich after an eight day trial in January this year. On the evening of February 28, 2001, the accused quartet Guthrie, Watt, Gerard Wainwright and Nicholas Denson made a haphazard plan to "get" Mr Dertilis because of fears he may tell police of an incident involving the theft of firearms. They planned to give him a "hot ray ban i shot" a dose of amphetamine laced with poison. The quartet told Mr Dertilis that after a day's fishing they would drive him to Horsham, from where he could flee to South Australia to escape arrest. The four drove to a river bank near Serpentine where Mr Dertilis was encouraged to inject a dose of amphetamines that Wainwright had prepared for him. When this nts"hot shot"nte failed to kill Mr Dertilis, Guthrie told Mr Wainwright to put battery acid from the car into a syringe. Guthrie, holding a knife to Mr Dertilis's throat, forced Mr Dertilis to inject himself with battery acid four times. Mr Dertilis was left at Bridgewater, where he reported the incident to police. Initially all four co accused faced attempted murder charges, however, before the beginning of the trial, Mr Wainwright pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury and was sentenced to three years' jail. Mr Wainwright was allowed to plead guilty to the lesser charge on the condition ray ban sunglasses com he become an informant and give evidence at the trial, which he did. Mr Denson was found not guilty on all charges at the trial. In sentencing, Justice Redlich rejected assertions by defence counsel for Watt, Mr Schwartz, that his client was not privy to the plan to kill Mr Dertilis. "I think it is highly probable Watt had some knowledge of the plan to kill Mr Dertilis before setting out on the fishing trip," he said. However, he did concede Watt played a lesser role than Guthrie. On behalf of Guthrie, defence counsel Mr Jackson told the court Guthrie was heavily intoxicated at the time of the offence and, to an extent, was unaware of what he was doing.

In his final remarks, Justice Redlich emphasised to the pair not only the "extreme seriousness" of their crime, but also their fortune it had not been more serious. "Only good fortune and some foolishness on your part stands between you and a conviction for murder." Guthrie is ray ban spectacles eligible for parole in four and a half years, Watt three and a half.

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