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Official Ray Ban #ay15044

Official Ray Ban #ay15044

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2027 Vision concept predicts F1 2027 Vision, which has been unveiled at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show.

2027 Vision is meant to improve the F1 spectacle for the fans so it gets a transparent cockpit that would allow supporters a better view of the driver working behind the wheel. The driver's helmet is also transparent, allowing fans to potentially see the faces of the sport's top stars as they compete. Best concept cars at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show The show car's bodywork is 3D printed and, Renault cheap sunglasses ray ban claims, tailored to the shape of the driver's body. It incorporates LED based information displays in the wheels, allowing the car to provide relevant information its position in the race, or its remaining reserves of energy every time it passes the grandstands. Telemetry data would also be available to spectators, giving them a better understanding of the action. The concept's powerplant is based on a turbocharged V6 engine a development of the current set up in where to get ray bans F1.

2027 gets a smaller fuel tank (60kg compared with today's 105kg) and ray ban official shop batteries with a higher energy density than the current F1 spec. They ray ban 4162 power a pair of 250kW electric motors that have enough shove for the car to be driven in all electric mode during suitable parts of the race (such as the warm up lap, safety car periods and pits activity).

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