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Official Ray Ban Clubmaster Classic YH81061 Black Red Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Clubmaster Classic YH81061 Black Red Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Round
• Frame material: Nylon
• Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic sunglasses are retro and timeless. Inspired by the 50??s, the unmistakable design of the Clubmaster Classic is worn by c...

10 of the most ridiculous things Directioners have done for One Direction We pay homage to the people who got 1D where they are.

Sort of. It been 4YearsOfOneDirection this week, marking the moment when the boys all made it through on the phenomenon that is X Factor. And it four years since the fandom populated by Directioners some of the most cray cray people on the planet came to be a thing. Directioners are renowned for being a little OTT. Not all of them, we hasten to add (before they get on and set acurse on us), but some. 1. The 47 year old fan official ray ban website who spent 350 copying ALL of Harry Styles tattoos (and buying all the posters of him ever printed). That dedication. And bad judgment.2. The moment that all those tats were supersededby this woman inking latest ray ban sunglasses of Harry Styles ENTIRE ray ban rb8301 face.3. The fan who tweeted the boys with me on or I break my dog neck with a pic of her pinning her Chihuahua by its throat. Thankfully it was a hoax, but whoa.4. That fan who nicked Liam Payne boxers and wore them for the day. When threatened with the police the culprit returned said stolen item and hung their head in shame: feel terrible, I am so upset. My mum doesn know. I never meant to do anything bad, I so sorry. And then she was left feeling the wrath of all other Directioners everywhere. Pants. (Picture: Getty images) 5. The Niall obsessed fan who decided that she wanted to look like him. So she got braces, just like him, even though she didn need braces. Natasha, 17, said on the documentary Crazy About One Direction: whole reason I got braces was because Niall Horan got braces. I didn really need braces but I wanted them because they look good and because Niall had them. 6. You know when that joint smoking video of Zayn and Louis supposedly smoking a spliff hit the news? The fans overreacted. Then the fans overreacted at the fans overreacting. It was a vicious circle. Photo just leaked of One Direction smokimg a pot cigarette. And ending on a lovely note, that moment in 2012 when One Direction fans saved a fellow Directioner who had become suicidal. When the troubled teen tweeted she taken some pills because the band wouldn follow her, the rest of the Directioner fandom encouraged her to call for help. When that didn work they got the hashtag PrayforTaylor ray ban aviator mirror trending in order to get the attention of police. And it worked. She was taken to hospital and her life was saved.

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