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Official Ray Ban #ay15037

Official Ray Ban #ay15037

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100 Ottawa homes evacuated Hundreds of rayband aviators people on both sides of the Ottawa River have had to give up the fight and abandon their homes as rain pummels the capital region and floodwaters continue to rise.

On the Quebec side of the river, Canadian Forces troops were deployed to help emergency services get through treacherous waters to reach people cut off from dry land. The rainfall warning ended for the Ottawa Gatineau area overnight on Saturday, but with more than 117 mm having fallen on the region since May 1, ray ban 3179 the river flow still hasn peaked. From Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, the Ottawa River rose 17 cm at Gatineau. It expected to rise a further 7 cm before its peak. peak is expected to be reached by tomorrow on the Ottawa as the flows in the tributary rivers reach peaks through this evening and overnight. In Constance Bay, 167 homes are affected and 82 of them have been evacuated, a fire official said on Sunday. In Cumberland, 21 homes are affected with 14 of them evacuated. Other areas in Ottawa hit with flooding include ray ban caribbean Britannia, Dunrobin, Fitzroy Harbour and MacLarens Landing. Canadian Forces assisting in Gatineau Across the river, the, and are using their heavy vehicles to help access areas the police have trouble getting to. Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pedneaud Jobin said 741 residents are now displaced from their homes, up from the total of 416 a day prior. There have been 411 houses evacuated in total, with roughly 150 evacuated Sunday. Hydro Qu has intentionally cut power to 243 homes as a matter of last resort, the mayor said. Capt. James Fitzgerald said soldiers are focusing Sunday on three priority communities: Pontiac, the MRC of ray ban c Pontiac and Gatineau. with boats. He said the divisional commander said lot more soldiers are coming, but did not know how many. their show, we just here to help.

During the morning, soldiers used sandbags to help clear some of the water from Highway 50 near the Rue Saint Louis exit, which had flooded and was closed in sections. Justice Minister St Vall who also the Quebec minister responsible for West Quebec issues, said anyone who can work from home should do so in order to avoid clogging the roads. Residents are asked to register with the city and check to see where the sandbag filled locations are.

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