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Official Ray Ban Aviator Special RB3833 Grey Silver Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Aviator Special RB3833 Grey Silver Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Pilot
• Frame material: Nylon
• Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

Ray-Ban RB3833 sunglasses are the perfect accessory to complete any look. Featuring both classic and bright rubber fronts, metal temples and tone-o...

5 reasons why it still lacks a worthy competitor It's almost a year since OnePlus launched its game changing flagship OnePlus 3.

That was followed by launch of OnePlus 3T, which is kind of a mid life refresh for the phone. The T variant came with better chipset, better front camera, more battery backup and Gunmetal colour option. The interesting bit is that even as OnePlus continues to shake down the phone market, no one phone has come close to matching or even properly challenging the OnePlus 3T. Just why? What is it that makes it so difficult for others to top the 3T. Here are five reasons. OnePlus ray ban wayfarer for sale is really pushing price boundariesThere is no doubt that price is the single biggest factor in why the OnePlus 3T is selling in good numbers. But at the same it is also true that OnePlus 3T is a phenomenal phone. You get a top notch chipset put in a bland (OnePlus is working on this by launching special editions now) but thin and extremely sturdy metal chassis, cameras that get your work done rather neatly, clean (almost) stock Android and ray ban 4086 fast charging tech with a fancy name to it. Its specs on paper or off it are hard to beat in the sub 30k pricing. Want to make the dropdown menu look fancy, it's easy; want to take it away altogether and put it at the bottom like Apple's control centre, not a problem. Or you can get the stock Android, which is beautiful, slick, clean and easy to use. It was limited to Google Nexus phones few years ago, but more companies have started to embrace it. OnePlus is one of them that does it well. In fact, OnePlus 3 is a worthy upgrade to Nexus smartphones now that Google is making them no more. Taking away the gimmicks, extra apps and superficial stuff, Android skins that most other Chinese smartphone deploy are not bad. But they develop problems every now and then, which raise stability issues. They don't get updates, security fixes, bug fixes or version upgrade as often. OnePlus probably saves money and keeps prices lowLow marketing budget: that is how OnePlus probably prevents ray ban wayfer its phone prices from go haywire. In fact, OnePlus itself says this in a blog post, revealing its marketing strategies that are well, er, about not spending or rather spending without raising phone prices."In the start, we spent $0 on marketing, which then crept up to $300, $10,000, and eventually even more" says OnePlus, adding that "only if we can reach out to more people while at the same time not increasing our margins or prices, will we do it." Also Read: Moto G5 Plus review: Pure Android, good camera make it best phone under Rs 20,000 Though we have seen OnePlus throw in print ads now and then, but full blown front pages or TV ads is something it avoids to reduce costs. It has surely took some time before the company build a wide reach but its focus on making good smartphones, one after the other, has worked surprisingly well. The Online only sales modelIt's a fact well known that phones sell cheaper online. The channel helps companies cut retailer and distributer costs, and that is how OnePlus 3 gets cheaper by a notch more. But all major companies sell offline and online which compels them to have a higher MRP. LG, Sony and HTC phones for example launch at a much higher price initially and go on to get considerable reductions for their online listings. Also Read: Xiaomi Mi Mix review: On the edge of tomorrow Xiaomi recently announced that it will start selling select smartphones offline (though at a higher price), while Vivo, Oppo, Gionee and most other smartphone makers sell their products offline. OnePlus would also want a wider reach of their products and going offline is one easy way. But for now, the trick is helping OnePlus keep a competitive price in the market and it may stick to it longer than we offers on ray ban sunglasses think.

But the stakes were not the same. While Xiaomi strongly pushes with its budget Redmi series, OnePlus focuses majorly on high end smartphones something that users would buy only when they trust the brand or it is popular enough. It was risky but it worked.

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