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Official Ray Ban Icons Round Metal RB3447 Gold Frame Silver Mirror Lens Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Icons Round Metal RB3447 Gold Frame Silver Mirror Lens Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Round
• Frame material: metal
• Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

The Ray-Ban • RB3447 sunglasses are totally retro. This look has been worn by legendary musicians and inspired by the 1960s counter-cultur...

15k after fish die in cyanide water BlueScope Steel has been fined thousands of dollars after water containing cyanide at triple the legal levels found its way into a drain leading to the Port Kembla Inner Harbour.

The incident, which occurred in September 2016, killed a number of fish in the drain wayfarer after warnings about the leak were ignored. A water valve had been left on, causing water and coke oven gas condensate, which contains cyanide, to overflow into an internal drain at the premises. EPA officers attended the incident and observed approximately 10 to 15 small dead or distressed fish in the drain. The EPA said no impacts to fish in Port Kembla Harbour were reported. Testing of the discharge found cyanide levels of up to 0.3mg/l, which is three times the level allowed by BlueScope's licence. The overflow triggered alarms, ray ban olympian but these were believed to be false and were ignored. ray ban rb4075 EPA Manager Regional Operations Illawarra Peter Bloem EPA Manager of regional operations in the Illawarra Peter Bloem said the environmental damage and death of the fish occurred because the workers ignored proper procedure. "Impacts to the local environment could have been prevented," Mr Bloem said. "The overflow triggered alarms, but these were believed to be false and were ignored." Mr Bloem said BlueScope responded to the incident promptly and took steps to reduce the environmental impacts. They also carried out water quality sampling and analysis. "As well as issuing the penalty notice, the EPA has also issued an official caution to BlueScope Steel and added a Pollution Reduction Program to their environment protection licence to further safeguard the environment," Mr Bloem said. The caution was for failing to operate the steelworks in line with the conditions of its licence. As part of ray ban sunglasses latest model the reduction scheme, BlueScope must investigate ways to stop the water and cyanide leak from happening again.

The EPA said the company had already implemented additional controls and updated their standard operating procedures to prevent a recurrence. Latest NewsEditor Picks An addict broke her jaw. The force broke her spiritMan, 20, bitten by shark in waist deep water on South Coast Top Stories $45mhotel for Wollongong CBD gets green lightPub with no beer:Port Kembla hotel to become homeless accommodationIn her 15 year battle with anxiety, there was always one thingShevonnerefused to tryComic Gong returns to Wollongong on Saturday footage of woman death sparks statewide investigation.

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