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Official Ray Ban Active Lifestyle RB3484 Sunglasses EBT

Official Ray Ban Active Lifestyle RB3484 Sunglasses EBT

• FOR: Women & Men
• Features: Glass
• Looks best on these face shapes: All faces

Since 1937, the name Ray-Ban has been associated with some of the most iconic styles in the history of sunglasses. From the style worn by pilots during World War II (the Aviator) t...

2012 Honda Civic EX Brakes: Four wheel disc brakes, ABS, Brake AssistPrice as tested: $20,885 including $1,395 destination charges Honda 2012 Civic sedan is more an evolutionary vehicle rather than a revolutionary one, but when you start with a quality product improvements are tougher to make.

Even so, there are improvements throughout the 2012 Civic that make it basically an all new car and a great car in its price range. Outside, styling changes are subtle but significant. The front facia has a more angular look and the headlights are set back slightly from the grille. The hood now has a slightly raised centre section that makes the car look more powerful and the body lines carry smoothly through from the grille to the windshield. You many not notice the narrower A pillars from the outside, but from the driver seat, they provide excellent visibility at all front angles. Visibility to the rear quarters is excellent as well, although I did find the height of the rear package ray ban shades shelf did restrict visibility directly behind the car when parking. Fortunately, the Civic isn a big car outside, so parallel parking is no problem. Some changes you won see. Beneath the car, the flat bottom construction improves aerodynamics for better fuel economy. The low rolling resistance tires and a small rear spoiler integrated into the trunk lid also improve fuel economy. The changes to the look are ray ban 8306 subtle, and this makes the car still instantly recognizable as a Civic. With over 1.6 million Civic sold in Canada in the past 38 years, the Civic name is as instantly recognizable as Kleenex! The engine in the Civic sedan is still a 1.8 litre four cylinder rated at the same 140 horsepower as in the past, but the engine has had significant changes to improve fuel economy and performance. Internal engine friction has been reduced by redesigning several internal parts and Honda I VTEC engine valve control system now operates just one intake valve per cylinder at low speeds and switches to operate two valves per cylinder as engine speed increases. Torque has been optimized in the 2,000 to 4,000 rpm range, which makes the car feel more powerful that last year because the power is there at all driving speeds. A shutter valve in the dual path intake manifold also maximizes power at about 5,000 rpm. An ECON button on the left side of the dash alters the drive by wire throttle response so that it opens more gradually in relationship to accelerator pedal movement. Air conditioning operation and automatic transmission shift points are also modified for better fuel economy. Inside, the Civic has excellent head and legroom in the back seat even when the front bucket seats are adjusted fully rearward. The flat rear floor provides comfortable foot room. A dual level dash display concept remains but with a whole new look. The larger top level display now includes an i Mid information centre to the right of the digital speedometer panel. On the lower level a large tachometer dominates the display. While driving, the upper display is visible without shifting your concentration from the road and the addition of colour changes to the display from blue to green indicates when the driving style is maximizing fuel economy. The full colour i Mid display is a multifunction information centre operated with the steering wheel controls. It includes clock, odometer, trip meter, temperature and audio system information as well as several customizable screens. I liked how it showed audio information when an iPod was connected into the console connector. Overall, the interior controls are simplified and easier to use, while adding additional functions at the same time. The Civic sedan is available in DX, LX, EX, EX L and SI models. Prices start at $14,990 for the DX model and the SI tops the line with a larger 2.4 ray ban pilotenbrille litre engine and very sporty performance for $25,990. We tested the EX model, with comes equipped with air conditioning, cruise control, steering wheel controls, tilt/telescopic steering wheel, sunroof and cloth interior. If you want leather seating, the EX L adds that and more.

I found the EX model was a comfortable and quiet car to drive that offers good performance and fuel economy. If you were expecting radical changes in the new Civic you would be disappointed. If you were expecting a quality ray ban 4141 built car that provides economical transportation with a nice driving feel, then you have found exactly what you are looking for.

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