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Official Ray Ban Aviator RB3025 Sunglasses Black Frame Gray Gradient Lens

Official Ray Ban Aviator RB3025 Sunglasses Black Frame Gray Gradient Lens

• FOR: Women & Men
• Features: Glass
• Looks best on these face shapes: All faces

Since 1937, the name Ray-Ban has been associated with some of the most iconic styles in the history of sunglasses. From the style worn by pilots during World War II (the Aviator) t...

25 Wollongong businesses we wanted to last forever GRANNY MAY'S: The novelty gift shop located in the Gateway of Crown Street Mall was the go to place for gifts in the '80s.

Photo: Petta Hatzis via Lost Wollongong MERINDA, Lake Illawarra: The 100 footer ran tours in the Illawarra for five years until 1992, when it was relocated to Darling Harbour. Photo: Lost Wollongong CAPERS COSTUMES, Wollongong: Patricia Teale Gosper in her Crown Street hire shop in 2000. Thousands of superheroes, film stars and storybook characters appeared across the Illawarra over the past ray ban shades sale 50 years, courtesy of the fancy dress business. CAPERS COSTUMES, Wollongong: The small operation closed in April, powerless to survive against growing competition from the internet. Elen Chapman had owned Capers for five years, but there had been at least four different owners during its life. CAPERS COSTUMES, Wollongong: Lisa Palamara at the costume hire shop in 2002, which stocked thousands of outfits for every occasion. FLORIST STAND, Crown Street Mall: Who remembers this store under the birdcage, pictured here in the late 1980s? FACES ON CROWN, Wollongong: Faces on Crown cafe manager Margaret Johnson in 2000. The popular cafe offered a mix of food, art and live music. FACES ON CROWN, Wollongong: Musician Damion Stirling, drummer with the folk ensemble Zompa, said at the time the loss of Faces on Crown would be felt throughout the folk community. He's pictured with Perla Aura the day before their final performance at the live music venue in October 2002. "It's going to be ray ban sunglasses collection difficult to replace this venue because, really, there's not another venue like it," he said. INTERSKATE, Dapto: The Wilson family opened the skating rink in 1989, catering for thousands of children's birthday parties. Picture: skaters enjoy themselves in 1998. WATER TRIKES, Belmore Basin: Fun on the water with 1980s business venture, the aquabike. Photo: Debb Cromie Phillips, Lost Wollongong WATER TRIKES, Belmore Basin: Fun on the water with 1980s business venture, the aquabike. Photo: Debb Cromie Phillips, Lost Wollongong REDBACK MUSIC, Wollongong: John Jenkins started Redback Music in Wollongong's Crown Street Mall in 1988, back in the vinyl LP days and it quickly became THE place in the Illawarra to buy recorded music. REDBACK MUSIC, Wollongong: John Jenkins, with his Jimi Hendrix poster, retired in 1999. Redback catered for all tastes, from Top 40 ray ban lenses price to the most obscure blues or country artists. Mr Jenkins also started a tradition of promoting local musicians, bands and live music venues through the store. The Letham family maintained the tradition of catering for eclectic tastes and supporting local musicians when they took over Redback in 2001. REDBACK MUSIC, Wollongong: Melissa, James, Robyn and Graham Letham and Jessica Knight in the Crown Street independent family music store for the last time in July 2012. They played English indie rock for the swansong a Doves compilation album chosen not for any particular significance, but because it had been on rotation all day and everyone behind the counter became too busy to change it when the important moment arrived. REGENT THEATRE, Wollongong: The art deco theatre in Keira Street operated as a cinema for 50 years until the death of the city's first lady of cinema, owner Rowena Milgrove, in 2004. ray ban brasil It was built in 1954 and opened on Boxing Day 1957. REGENT THEATRE, Wollongong: Rowena Milgrove's father Herbert Jones bought the Regent site in 1934 but construction was delayed due to World War II and he did not live for its grand opening in the late 1950s. Theatre became Mrs Milgrove's life with trips around the globe to attend movie premieres and regular attendances at Academy Award ceremonies. REGENT THEATRE, Wollongong: Ron Baxter who ran R A Baxter and Co for 30 years built the Regent. The late Norm Vormister was foreman for the three year project and the main builder on the site. The interior was designed by one of the leading interior designers, Marion Hall Best. REGENT THEATRE, Wollongong: The 1200 seat theatre in its heyday. The Regent is the last of the region's grand picture palaces. Photo: Lost Wollongong REGENT THEATRE, Wollongong: The last movie screened on January 31, 2004, was Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. After the film's credits rolled, the Regent's staff took a bow in front of the final curtain to heartfelt applause. REGENT THEATRE, Wollongong: The Gateway City Church bought the 1500 seat theatre in January 2005 and the building was heritage listed in April that same year. PEREY'S OLD BOOKS, Wollongong: For 10 years Elizabeth Perey, pictured here in 1999, was the beating heart of a much loved second hand book store on the "Paris end" of Crown Street.

PEREY'S OLD BOOKS, Wollongong: In 2003, Jo Abrantes bought Perey's from its founder, Elizabeth Perey, having fallen in love with the store when she spotted it on her first day in Wollongong. SOUTHLINE DRIVE IN, Fairy Meadow: A great night out once included a trip to the northern suburbs drive in. This picture was taken of the site in 1963.

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