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Official Ray Ban #bv82126

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Adele dominates Grammy Awards 3.

36pm: And that's yer lot. Over to you. What did you think of the show? And the winner? Oh alright, there were a few gongs that didn't go to Adele, but if she just put a backbeat behind one of her songs Chris Brown look out! Anyhow, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And thanks to those who pointed ray ban a out my errors, seriously. 3.30pm: And that is that. Our six six stringed gods close the night. So kneel and pray to Grohl, Springsteen, Walsh et al as they have the sort of jam session we can only dream of. 3.27pm: Sir Paul has been joined on stage by a series of men with guitars. He has one too. They're all really rather good. Six men with guitars haven't played this well together since the Gipsy Kings. 3.23pm: And we close with Sir Paul at the piano, no longer wearing his wife's jacket (as one of our team suggested) and rocking out. 3.19pm: To present the final award it's another of the Lifetime Achievement Award winners Diana Ross plus our host LL Cool J. Album of the YearAdele 21 Shocking. What a shock. I am just shocked. That's me by the way, not Adele's speech. Adele gets a big hug from LL and another from Diana then manages to look genuinely surprised. "Thank you so much. Thank you." She gushes before spotting someone in the crowd and adding "Hello!!!" "Mum I love you I'm sorry you're not here" "This record is inspired by something that is really normal and everyone's been through it: a rubbish relationship." Then Adele paused to wipe her nose. I kid you not. She laughs that she has snot coming out of her nose. 3.14pm: One more award to come, and honestly I think Adele needs to prepare a new schtick. Now that she's five for five no one will buy the "I'm so surprised" bit anymore. The other four nominees should prepare their "I'm so glad she won" face. That said, they've had plenty of practice all night. 3.11pm: As is the second last award. Record rayban glases of the YearAdele Rolling in the Deep Quoth Adele "This is ridiculous! I original ray ban wayfarer want to thank every radio programmer and broadcaster who has been playing Rolling in the Deep." Fair call. 3.10pm: And we finish with Minaj / Roman levitating five or so metres above the stage. I'm not sure everyone will be talking about it tomorrow, but it was pretty. big. And bizarre. Mostly bizarre. 3.08pm: This is certainly extravagant. Lots of dancers writhing in body stockings or cassocks. Then Roman Holiday transitions into Come All Ye Faithful and. yeah, that's kind of weird. "Oh come all ye faithful, I am triumphant." Hmmm. 3.06pm: The Exorcism pastiche introduces Nicki as Roman a girl posessed and hiding in corners (where the wall meets the ceiling). Sure enough when we return to the stage, she is strapped up in rack style fashion. 3.04pm: "One of the most intelligent, driven and talented women in the world" Nicki Minaj and this is the song. THE song. She starts out with a twisted rendition of "I feel pretty" before a pre filmed THE EXORCISM OF ROMAN clip is played. 3.01pm: Half and hour and two big awards to go Album of the Year and Record of the Year plus the performance that we are rb sunglasses shop constantly being told everyone will be talking about tomorrow. So be warned you should watch, as otherwise when you talk about it tomorrow (because EVERYONE MUST) you won't really have much to say. And it's just awkward standing around the water cooler saying "yeah. Grammys. hmmm. I know I have to talk about it but I have nothing to say." 2.58pm: And just as I say that David Guetta gets involved along with Deadmau5 and his massive mouse head (plus a variety of similar heads being donned in the crowd) and they mix things up considerably before transitioning into the voice of Grammy telling us it's time for another advertisement. 2:55pm: So far the mash up is still nowhere near as stark as the transition from Rihanna to Coldplay earlier. This is really just a good way of getting through a number of songs quickly, and an excuse to get The Foo Fighters and Chris Brown back on stage. 2.51pm: Chris Brown comes on stage to kick off the inaugural Grammys mash up. Everyone in the crowd now has foam tubes to go swimming with.

I mean hold aloft and shake in time. 2.44pm: A single piano accompaniment strikes up as the images of the other in memorium artists appear behind Hudson.

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