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Official Ray Ban #zk12194

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20 injured as car knocks down pedestrians You can follow live coverage from The Age here.

Road closuresSaturday, 7.40am: Bourke Street Mall still remains closed police expect it to reopen at 8am. Swanston Street is now open. Bourke Street rayban website still remains closed between Elizabeth Street and Swanston Street. Intersection of Queen Street and Londsdale StreetWhat we knowSaturday, 7.30am: A man identified as Dimitrious 'Jimmy' Gargasoulas allegedly drove a car through a crowd of pedestrians on Bourke Street, killing four people and injuring at least 20 others. Among the four people killed were a man in his 30s, a woman in her 30s, and a young child. Police confirmed the death of the fourth person on Friday night but have not released the victim's age or gender. The Australian Jewish News is reporting that one of the victims was a 10 year old girl from Beth Rivkah College in St Kilda East. The publication also said the girl's mother and sister were in hospital in a critical condition. A three month old baby girl who was rushed to hospital by police officers is among six people with sale on ray ban sunglasses life threatening injuries. Three people are in a critical condition at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and two are in a critical condition at The Alfred. An additional 23 people are being treated for injuries in Melbourne hospitals. Mr Gargasoulas, 26, has been arrested. He is in hospital after being shot in the arm by police. Mr Gargasoulas is accused of stabbing his brother, Angelo, in his mother's public housing flat in Windsor on Friday morning. Police said he has a history of family violence, as well as mental health and drug problems. On Wednesday night, Mr Gargasoulas allegedly attacked 76 year old Gavin Wilson, who lives at his mother's housing commission flats, and demanded the keys to his car. A maroon sedan was used in Friday's rampage. Mr Gargasoulas, who is a father to a number of children, has been posting ranting and and aviator wayfarer sunglasses angry comments on social media this week about God, war and police. Police said the incident was not terror related. Police are advising Melburnians to avoid the following area while they conduct their investigation into the incident. The driver of the car is accused of stabbing his brother in Windsor on Friday morning. Before running down pedestrians on Bourke Street, he allegedly took a woman hostage. Before running down pedestrians on Bourke Street, he allegedly took a woman hostage. A three month old girl remains in a critical condition. She had to be rushed to the hospital in a police car because there simply was no time to wait for an ambulance to reach the scene. A 12 year old and a two year old remain in a serious condition, while a 23 year old woman also being treated at the the hospital is in a stable condition. A total of 25 people have been hospitalised. Fifteen were pedestrians knocked down by the car and 10 appear to be people who were admitted to hospital after witnessing the incident. A three month old baby was in surgery at the Royal Children's Hospital at about 5pm on Friday afternoon, while a two year old is fighting for its in the intensive care unit. They were among five people, including an adult, injured in the chaos who were taken to the RCH. An additional 20 people have been taken to St Vincent's, Royal Melbourne and The Alfred. "We received five patients here to the childrens hospital. A three month old who's currently in the operating theatre, a two year old who is being transferred to the intensive care unit, a nine year old with limb injuries who is being transferred to the ward and a 12 year old who is currently undergoing assessments in the ED department," RCH chief of surgery Mike O'Brien said. "None of the children have deceased yet but it ray ban masculino would be fair to say they are in a critical condition." The hospital also treated a 23 year old woman with a limb injury, he said. The RCH did not need to declare a code brown the highest level of alert as a result of the incident.

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