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Official Ray Ban Active Lifestyle Solid RB4176 Brown Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Active Lifestyle Solid RB4176 Brown Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Rectangle
• Frame material: Nylon
• Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

RB4176 Ray-Ban ® sunglasses are a sport-driven design featuring a deep wrap, functional stop hinges, and an immensely secure fit. The casua...

A Majestic history From The Northern Echo "The entrance hall is simple but effective.

The walls and ceiling have been sprayed with plastic paint in warm tones of beige, relieved official ray ban by ray ban cockpit a variety of bright tints and gold. Black ebonised woodwork, coloured terrazzo floor, rubber covered staircases and cleverly concealed lighting are among the other attractive features." It featured the latest Western Electric mirrophonic sound equipment "remarkable clarity and fidelity of tone", and a ventilation system that introduced one million cubic feet of fresh air every hour, making the atmosphere inside "purer than outside", despite the smoking cinema goers. The cinema was opened by the chairman of Bishop Auckland Urban District Council, H Leedale, and among the guests was the mayor of Darlington, John Dougill. He expressed sympathy to Councillor Leedale for the "disastrous fire" that West Auckland had just experienced. The night before Brian Johnson was born, two new factories were severely damaged in a blaze, throwing 350 people out of work. The factories had been opened only a month earlier by Sir George Gillett, a London Quaker banker and Labour MP ray ban shades for sale who was the Commissioner for the Special Areas. "Special Areas" suffered very high rates of unemployment and so were eligible for grants ray ban sunglasses aviator to boost business. At the opening of the cinema, Coun Leedale was anxious to point out that the area might have been industrially depressed but that did not mean all its people were, too. Both the leather and the button companies had been started by immigrants from the continent and had been paid incentives to relocate from London. "Many of those who watched their jobs vanishing in flames and smoke were the key workers of both factories, most of them brought from London and living in lodgings until houses in St Helen's are completed." The biggest talking point of the blaze was that it had been tackled by Crook Collieries Fire Brigade and Bishop Auckland's volunteer brigade, several members of whom had been uncontactable. The blaze, said the Echo, again highlighted the need to form a full time brigade covering all south Durham but it would be expensive. The old stone tympanum from above the Quakers' doorway had been built into the shop. It said the Quakers' meeting house had been erected in 1665 and rebuilt in 1840. It all came down in 1971 to make way for the typically unimaginative 1970s bank.

"The picture brought some memories back for me," says David Blair in Aycliffe. "After demolition, the site became the premises of the Halifax Building Society, which opened in 1973. I was one of the staff who first worked there.

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