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Official Ray Ban Highstreet Kids #142450

Official Ray Ban Highstreet Kids #142450

• FOR: Kids
• Size: Frame Width 12cm, Lens Height 3cm
• Frame material: Nylon


ACT residents paying top dollar to see doctors in five out of 11 medical specialities Similarly, Canberra's haematologists,nephrologistsand respiratory ray ban wafers medicine specialists charged the second highest fees compared to those in other states and territories, with charges in those three specialties starting at just over $200 in the ACT.

The paper has highlighted the differences between specialists nationwide and sparked a wider debate specialists' fees, who face little in the way of public scrutiny oftheir fees.It remains unclear why those working in these specialities in the ACT are charging in some cases significantly more than other jurisdictions.Lead researcher Dr Gary L Freed wrote in paper that there was "no clear rationale for the variation ray ban eyewear in median fees between states and territories"."High fees for many consultant physician specialties in the ACT may reflect the economic status of the region of that of the patient population," the paper reads.But Dr Freed told The Canberra Times that he was "unable to state with [any] certainty" what was driving the higher rates in the ACT, but that "it should be investigated".The paper shows several factors may be at play,including the size of the local market of specialists, waiting times for specialists in the public health system and the fact health insurers do not cover specialists consultations outside of a hospital.ACT Health has to date been unable to provide up to date figures on waiting times for non surgical specialists in the public health system.The research has prompted calls from the Consumers Health Forumand others for a transparent, independent public website to comparespecialists on both fees and the quality of their work.CHF chief executive Leanne Wells said the government could even go as far as penalising specialists who chose not to participate in such a scheme losing their Medicare benefits and "subsidised private health insurance benefits".The chief executive of Defence Health, a not for profit insurer, Gerard Fogarty, also backed theproposal, but he was alsoopen to a website that only GPs could access, to log on during a consultation with a patient."The really important thing is that the consumer gets good advice from their GP and has some clarity around what is to be preferred," he said."Limiting such details to doctors would also likely put more demands on GPs in providing advice to patients," she said.

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians, which represents specialists, said in a statement the research took "a simplistic view of specialties, given the complexity of care provided and the variable cost of running a practice".College president Dr Catherine Yellandsaidthat any conversations about fees needed to consider the "broader context of [Medicare] rebates" and the freeze on increases, which had "created the situation lentes ray ban where the increasing cost of healthcare is ultimately ray ban sunglasses aviator being passed on to patients".

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