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Official Ray Ban #zc12194

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612 Queenslanders caught driving on pot The Right to Information shows police tripled the number of police able to complete roadside drug tests in 2015 16, training an extra 133 drug testing police to take the total to 407.

These additional specially trained police more than doubled the number of roadside drug tests in 2015 16; up from 20,389 in 2014 15 to 49,445 roadside drug tests in 2015 16. And of those 10,804 drivers receiving a positive saliva test, police laboratories were able to substantiate 10,612 as driving while affected by a drug; usually cannabis or crystal meth. The results american ray ban show the frequency of drug driving in Queensland appears to be increasing, even if more people are tested by police. In 2015 16, 10,612 (one in 4.6 drivers) of the 49,445 drivers chosen by a drug testing police officer for a test, were positive. In 2014 15, 3178 (one in 6.4 drivers) from the 20,389 drivers chosen by drug testing police for a test were positive. When a person completes a roadside drug test, the salvia goes to a police laboratory which takes around one month to provide a true test and identify the drug. The 2015 16 drugged driver figures show: Cannabis (THC): 4078Ecstasy (MDMA): 69 Cannabis plus crystal meth: 2432 Cannabis plus ecstasy: 142 Ecstasy plus crystal meth: 128 Cannabis plus crystal meth plus ecstasy: 109(Source: Queensland Police Service labs for period July 1, 2015 to Jun 30, 2016) The information was provided to Fairfax Media after it questioned the comparative successful hit rate of drug testing carried out during the 2016 Christmas Eve to New Year holiday break. Since Christmas Eve, police have completed 845 drug tests, where 146 were positive. "So that is ray ban wayfarer 2 around 26 per cent that is positive, but that is because it is so targeted," a Queensland Police Service spokesman said. In the same time, since Christmas Eve, they have completed 65,000 RBTs where 304 positive drink drivers were detected. The recent drug driving results have not been confirmed by the police laboratories yet, however people's drivers' licenses have been temporarily suspended, thepolice spokesman said. Drug tests cost about $30 a test, while a random breath test costs about 10 a test, because drug testing equipment to get a saliva test, then a lab test is more costly. Ms Frecklington said the state government should immediately scrutinise the figures. "The Palaszczuk government needs to ensure that our police are are getting the resources they need to combat drugs on our roads," she said."If police need more investment in testing equipment or public awareness campaigns, (Premier) Annastacia Palaszczuk and Mark Ryan need to listen and deliver those resources.

" Mr Ryan has been asked if Queensland needs to shift its emphasis more towards controlling drug driving. Queensland's peak drug and alcohol agency, ray ban pas cher the Queensland Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies, could not be immediately contacted on Thursday. Executive officer Rebecca MacBean has frequently said substance misuse was most frequently discussed in terms ray ban rb3387 of its most immediate and visible problems.

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