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Official Ray Ban Aviator Metal RB3489 Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Aviator Metal RB3489 Sunglasses

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Currently one of the most iconic sunglass models in the world, Ray-Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses were originally designed for U.S. aviators in 1...

120m lawsuit over Blue Mountain Birch Cove A Nova Scotia company is threatening to sue the Halifax Regional Municipality to ray ban sunglass store the tune of $120 million for nixing real estate development in the Blue Mountain Birch Cove area and instead going ahead with plans to create a new regional park.

But Tuesday, a Halifax environmentalist blasted Annapolis Group for threatening that legal action. is just big bully tactics... These companies like to throw their weight around and play hardball. It all about money. They don care about the public, James Boyer, the environment committee chairman for the Canadian Association of Retired Persons Nova Scotia chapter, said in an interview. a risk in every business how much do ray bans cost you go into and this is that risk, he said. public doesn want a development and the HRM is going ahead with their wishes. Annapolis Group, a subsidiary of Thornbridge Holdings Ltd., filed its notice of intention to take the city to court on Tuesday. In a statement, Annapolis Group alleges its 965 acres of land in that area were zoned for development going back to 2006 but that the Halifax Regional Municipality has effectively expropriated its property without providing compensation. HRM is not going to allow us to develop our lands, we are simply asking to receive fair compensation from the municipality for the lands that have been effectively expropriated, Rob Gillis, vice chairman of Annapolis Group and president of Thornbridge Holdings, said in a statement Tuesday. don want to be in this position, but HRM has given us no other choice. company property is part of a bigger parcel of land being eyed by the municipality for creation of a park that will expand the provincially owned Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness ray bans for cheap Area, home to roughly 800 species of wildlife, including 300 types of birds. Early last September, Halifax Regional Council instructed its staff to look into buying that privately held land, including properties owned by Susie Lake Developments, to create what it has called the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Regional Park. So far, that park is still just a dream. It would include the 2,298 acres of provincially owned lands, an 8.1 acre city owned parcel, and what is now about 1,290 acres of privately owned property to create a park that, with the area of its lakes included, would cover roughly 4,153 acres. It a vision that hugely popular with Haligonians. During public consultations about the area last year, Halifax council received more than 1,400 letters most of them in support of the establishment of the park. Boyer was among those ardent supporters of an expansion to the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area. fantastic, he said Tuesday. the summer, there swimming and biking. You can go on a really fantastic canoe trip. In winter, there skiing, snowshoeing and bird watching. local environmentalist says the creation of a city owned park adjacent to the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area is necessary to preserve the ecosystem. have been a lot of important scientific studies done... and they stated the boundaries need to be at the ridge line, he said. a buffer that protects the wilderness area... If you built on it, you run smack into the wilderness area... Without that buffer, your wilderness area would deteriorate. birth of a Blue Mountain Birch Cove Regional Park, though, is also likely to be the death knell of Annapolis Group plans to develop the area. And the developer is fighting back. According to Gillis, the municipality intentionally dragged out the development process for 10 years before refusing the company request to go ahead with secondary planning of those lands on Sept. 6 of last year. spent a lot of time and money over that 10 year period, said Gillis. full build out of that development would have generated tens of millions of dollars of tax revenues for the HRM... It would be a good development for Halifax. Group latest move gives the Halifax Regional Municipality 30 days notice of the company intention to file a legal claim against it. It a move Gillis said Tuesday was a last resort. At city hall, the developer legal move was anticipated. not surprised... that they trying this tactic, said Bedford Wentworth Coun. Tim Outhit. developer has said in the past that if they didn get what they wanted, they would litigate. to Outhit, the developer wanted to move forward with planning last first ray ban sunglasses year even as the public was being consulted on the future of those lands. The municipality said no to that. the process was going on, the developer wanted to start secondary planning and we didn want to because we were in the public consultation process, Outhit said Tuesday. The Annapolis Group maintains the city dragged its feet for a decade and put investments at risk. treating businesses unfairly, HRM is jeopardizing future investments in the region, economic prosperity and jobs. The municipality should focus on higher priorities such as jobs, tax revenue, services, and infrastructure, said Gillis. It has taken a long time for the municipality to decide what to do, agreed Halifax Bedford Basin West Coun. Russell Walker in an interview Tuesday.

But he dismissed the amount of time things have taken as irrelevant. Under the development proposal, the company was planning to provide 300 acres for parkland. Its property has been assessed at more than $119 million, the company claimed in a statement.

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