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Official Ray Ban Jackie Ohh RB2085 Sunglasses Orange/Black Frame gray lens

Official Ray Ban Jackie Ohh RB2085 Sunglasses Orange/Black Frame gray lens

• FOR: Women & Men
• Features: Glass
• Looks best on these face shapes: All faces

Since 1937, the name Ray-Ban has been associated with some of the most iconic styles in the history of sunglasses. From the style worn by pilots during World War II (the Aviator) t...

10 Questions Students Ask Before Coming to Winch Do you have any burning questions before coming to Winch in September? Recent graduate, Chloe, answers some common queries about life on a campus and moving to a new city.

1. Where might I live in Winchester? Undergraduates and postgraduates both have the opportunity to apply for halls in your first year of study. After this, students tend to find off campus housing in the surrounding areas of Winchester, such as in Stanmore, ray ban erika Badger Farm, Weeke, Winnall or the city centre. In all honesty, you won't really need to bring one. Winchester is a small city, and most places you need to get to are all in walking distance of each other (if you don't mind the hills!). There are limited parking spaces at the University, so students living on campus won't be able to get a parking permit. 3. Will I get chance to travel home during term time? Of course! It is important to take some time off wayfarer by ray ban for yourself and have a break from the 'university bubble'. ray ban store There's nothing better than going back home for a nice home cooked meal and a night in your own bed. Some courses also have a reading week in the middle of the semester, so this would be a great opportunity to study somewhere other your usual haunts. 4. Is it possible to work part time alongside my study? It definitely is possible, especially if you're super organised and have good time management skills. There are plenty of jobs available through the University Student Union, such as working in the SU bar, SU shops or even becoming a Student Ambassador. These roles have flexible working hours that fit round your study. If the idea of working at University doesn't float your boat, then there are plenty of cafe's, pubs and shops in the city centre which hire plenty of students each year. The University JobShop also advertises part time paid work both on campus and in Winchester. Be sure to get your applications in early though! 5. How do I join the doctors whilst I'm here? During Welcome Week, you will get the chance to register with a doctor surgery in the Zone. Once your signed up, you'll even be able to get appointments on campus! 6. What's the nightlife like in Winchester? Everyone loves a night at the Student Union. Whether cheesy BOP tunes are your jam, or you prefer headbanging at Detention, the SU has you covered. Winchester city itself doesn't have the biggest of nightlife scenes, however there are plenty of pubs to keep you entertained (even one of the oldest pubs in England!). Pitcher and Piano turns into a nightclub most nights of the week, and if all else fails you've always got Vodka to fall back on. But don't fret, we've been voted the best place to live in the UK for a reason! 7. Isn't it expensive to live here? One of the best parts of being a student are the student discounts! This means you'll ray ban sunglasses india get tonnes of deals when you want to eat out, buy clothes and go out and about you can often bag a whopping 40% off food at restaurants such as Pizza Express and Ask! It's all about being careful with your money and learning to become a savvy money saving student. For some extra tips and tricks, read our Savvy Student Guide. 8. What are the people like at Winch Uni? Everybody is so friendly! We have a small, close knit campus you're almost always guaranteed to bump into somebody you know on route to your lecture. It's probably one of the best things about coming to the uni, and you will definitely feel a sense of community here. There are so many societies where you will have the opportunity to meet like minded people, from sports teams to academic societies. We even have a society dedicated to Puddings! 9. Will I need to buy books before I arrive? This one is completely up to you. Most books on your reading list will tend to be in the Library anyway. Occasionally, you will be required to pick up an extra text book or two, depending on the type of course you study, however these are often available second hand for next to nothing. Google books is always there for you too! 10.

Will there be any English Language classes to support international students? Yes, there are plenty of options if you need a little extra help with your English language before you study with us. The University runs 6 and 12 week pre sessional programmes aimed at students whose first language isn't English, as well as plenty more options for when you've arrived. For a full list, see here.

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