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Official Ray Ban Aviator RB3026 Sunglasses Gunmetal Frame Green Lens ACX

Official Ray Ban Aviator RB3026 Sunglasses Gunmetal Frame Green Lens ACX

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Since 1937, the name Ray-Ban has been associated with some of the most iconic styles in the history of sunglasses. From the style worn by pilots during World War II (the Aviator) t...

2016 Council Election He thanked his supporters and turned his focus to what can be achieved over the next four years.

"Well it looks like there was good reason for us ray ban 2140 to enjoy our election night celebrations so fervently last night," Mr Besseling said on social media this morning. "Thank you so, so, so much to all of the people who have supported us through this campaign by volunteering and spreading the word. "And of course a huge ray ban style sunglasses thank you to those who voted for us. We are all really wayfarer ray ban sale excited about what we can do over the next four years to shape our great region." Sunday, 7.30am: Counting will resume this morning but Peter Besseling with a convincing lead over Peta Pinson and Sharon Griffiths for the mayoral hat will be returned to the position today. Saturday, 10.30pm: On first preferences, Peter Besseling has on Saturday evening secured 58.03% (or 16,951 votes) of the vote for the position of mayor over his nearest rival. Peta Pinson is following in second place with 27.97% of first preference votes while Sharon Griffiths sits at 14%. Counting is expected to continue throughout Sunday where a final result for the position of mayor is expected to be declared. As of Saturday evening, 29,209 votes had been counted. More than 61,000 residents went to the polls. Counting has also commenced for the eight councillor positions. As of Saturday evening, the progressive results are: Group D (Peter Besseling 6.96%, Justin Levido 0.31%, Rob Turner 0.37%, Geoff Hawkins 0.20%): 41.39% or 10,391 votes Group A (Mike Cusato 1.98%, Lee Dixon 1.30%, John Saunders 0.57%, Steve Cusato 0.37%): 16.70% or 4,307 votes Group B ray ban 2027 (Sharon Griffths 2.68%, Katie Scott 0.14%, Sheryl Barnett 0.11% and June Bricknell 0.06%): 12.83% or 3,336 votes Group C Country Labor (Peter Alley 0.98%, Mark Hughes 0.14%, Andrew Blundell 0.25% and Karen Wiles 0.09%): 11.40% or 3001 votes Group E The Greens: (Drusi Megget 0.15%, Mick Hall 0.05%, Lauren Edwards 0.39%, Stuart Watson 0.34%): 6.37% or 1,661 votes Geoff Hawkins, Justin Levido, Rob Turner and Peter Besseling with their supporters. The ungrouped independent candidates were ranked as follows: Lisa Intemann: 4.73% Kingsley Searle: 2.63% Greg Freeman: 2.03% Sue East: 1.34% Des Randall: 0.60% Gwaine Robinson: 0.

32% For live results visit the NSW Electoral Commission website by CLICKING HERE Mayoral candidate Peta Pinson with supporters Rob Nardella, Terry and Julie Sara. Saturday, 6pm: The queues were short and the rain briefly halted campaigning at Saturday's local government elections across the Hastings. A quiet election day has been put down to the thousands of residents taking advantage of pre polling in the lead up to voting day.

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