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Official Ray Ban Clubmaster Color Mix RB4175 Blue Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Clubmaster Color Mix RB4175 Blue Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Square
• Frame material: Nylon
• Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

Ray-Ban ® RB4175 sunglasses are best Clubmaster, inspired by the unique frame and temple design of the Original Wayfarer ®.


500 customers hit by gas bill 'adjustments' in September quarter last year The Canberra Times has received numerous letters, particularlyin the past few months, complaining of potential "over charging" due to bill estimations by the ACT's major gas distributor and retailer since last year.

Figures from ActewAGL also show the utility received some 2600 direct complaints during the September quarter last year, or about 900 more complaints than usual. Mr Costello said the problems stemmed from a change to gas retail market proceduresby the Australian Energy Market Operator, which reduced the amount of time allowed between a meter ray ban 3025 aviator being read and a bill being processed from five to two days. He ray bans wayfarer cheap said thebilling process was a complex pipelinethat stretched from meter readers to distributors to the market operator and finally to retailersand if meters had not been read and verified before the two day deadline, national rules demanded an estimate be used to calculate bills. "We think we're at the stage now, and have been for some months, where we're back to where we are in the normal state of things, [but]we're not being complacent about this I can assure," he said. "There's nothing I can do except say I am deeply apologetic, we accept responsibility for it, we are not trying to evade that responsibility. "We are putting every effort in to ensure that this problem stays away, because it is away ray ban glasses cost now, but we still have the hangover from the last six months of last year." Despite ActewAGLbeing given 12 months to adjust, and the utility setting up an internal project team to complete the changes, Mr Costello said he did not fully foresee the impacts the changes would have. But he said he would personally ensure that "not a single customer will be charged a single dollar for any gas they did not consume"and that any customers with concerns should contact ActewAGL. He saidthe community's trust was one ray ban frame glasses of the biggest assets the utility had, and it would not do anything to damage that trust. While bills are usually based on actual meter readings in more than 90 per cent of cases, about three to five per cent of bills are based on "estimates" each quarterand are labelled as such on the bill. But Mr Costello said ActewAGL had only anticipated up to 10 per cent of bills would need to be estimatingduring the first quarter under the new rules, from July to September last year.

Mr Costello said that all customers affected by an "adjustment" either an over or underestimation would have an equivalent adjustment made to their next quarterly bill, guaranteeing they would not be left out of pocket overall. Asked why ActewAGLdid notalert its customers about the change ahead of time, to avoid potentially months of uncertainty for customers, Mr Costello said "we should have". "We did not think the problem would be anything like as large as it was, it never crossed our mind it would be anything like 25 per cent of our customers," he said.

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