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Official Ray Ban #zc12193

Official Ray Ban #zc12193

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Afghaninterpreter embraces Anzac spirit Anzac Day: Now a proud Aussie, Sameer Ahmed is looking forward to commemorating Anzac Day after serving as an interpreter with Australian ray ban shop online troops in Afghanistan.

Photo: Nathan Hondros.Anzac Day: Now a proud Aussie, Sameer Ahmed is looking forward to commemorating Anzac Day after serving as an interpreter with Australian troops in Afghanistan. Photo: Nathan Hondros.Diggers based in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan, were Sameer Ahmed was based. Photo: SMH/Alex EllinghausenAnzac Day 2017 Dawesville dawn service PhotosHe would be a familiar face to many in Mandurah and Halls Head, but few would know that Sameer Ahmed spent years in Afghanistan doing one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.Now an Australian permanent resident, Mr Ahmed was an interpreter for Australian and coalition forces on the front line ray ban solglas?gon of the war on terror, putting his life on the line to support the fight against the Taliban in the years after the September 11, 2001 attacks on ray ban 4120 the United States.The 28 year old hopes to soon be an Australian citizen and he credits his time serving with Australians for the love he has found for his adopted country.Working from the ray bans sunglasses aviators military base in Tarin Kowt, Mr Ahmed grew to know Australians and the Australian sense of humour, even though the work was difficult.He said there was a big cultural difference between himself and the Australians at first, but they soon made him feel comfortable."I used to work with them and stood side by side with them every day in the base, so it's easy for me to live here now," he said."It was dangerous, yes, even inside the base in Tarin Kowt we'd get rockets coming from the Taliban insurgents."I remember one night, I can't forget it, we had five rockets in one night and we didn't sleep and we had bunkers that we hid in, so yeah it was dangerous."An Australian soldier meets Afghan children outside the base in Tarin Kowt, where Mr Ahmed was based. Photo: SMH/Alex EllinghausenMr Ahmed said he was amazed how the Australians kept their sense of humour even under fire."So I did like Australians from the very first, it was a dream for me to come to Australia," he said."I never thought I'd be a citizen or come to Australia or be a permanent resident, but it was because we were in danger in Afghanistan, if you work with the armies then after that it's very hard if you stay at home."Mr Ahmed said he still worried about his extended family in Afghanistan."It was a very hard life, my concern is still thinking about my parents, my families, my youngest brothers, my sisters and mother, I'm concerned about them still," he said."It's very hard to live there.

"Now working at Look Smart Alterations in both Mandurah Forum and Halls Head Central, Mr Ahmed said he was looking forward to commemorating Anzac Day.He said he would be remembering the troops he served beside.Latest NewsThe joys of being a mum VIDEOThe untold story of QF72: What happens when automation leaves pilots powerless?State of the nation Saturday, May 13Honours flow for Murray's top volunteersSmoke alert issued from Perth to Mandurah.

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