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Official Ray Ban Aviator Special RB9037 Grey Black Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Aviator Special RB9037 Grey Black Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Pilot
• Frame material: Metal
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Currently one of the most iconic sunglass models in the world, Ray-Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses were originally designed for U.S. aviators in 193...

A troubled Nunavik school pulls back from the brink Tommy Kudluk, the centre director at Kangirsuk Sautjuit school, says the school is doing well thanks to its committed teachers and new resources.

(PHOTO BY JANE GEORGE Maggie Annahatak and Julie Kudluk both graduated in the French sector of Kangirsuk's Sautjuit School. "Only 2 graduates, but we are very proud of them for KANGIRSUK When Nathalie Ross, principal of Sautjuit School in Kangirsuk, wants to say something to the parents of her school 144 students, she simply picks up the phone and calls them. call them a lot, Ross says. said the parents didn like to hear from us. But it not like that. They say, you for calling. communication one of the many winning conditions that Sautjuit School has established over the past two years. The school new mood marks the end of a period of distress in the school where student violence, among themselves and against teachers, was common and in the community, racked by murder, assaults ray ban 4140 and gun fueled violence that occasionally forced the school, its staff and students into frightening lock downs. Since no nonsense Ross arrived in ray ban 2113 Kangirsuk two years ago from Salluit, where she was a teacher at the Sapummivik youth rehabilitation centre, she established rules such as no shoes in the school, no violence and no MP3 players. Students need a routine and a set of expectations, Ross says. And she won hesitate to call in the police if the school zero tolerance rule against any kind of violence is abused. we have support all the time, she says. That includes the presence reyban sunglasses of school monitor Joe Nungak, who ready to intervene when needed. Ross has also set up committees to deal with issues like special education and motivation. Today, the school is a safe place to be and to learn in, she says. Last year uproar in Puvirnituq, where teachers said they were tired of being punched, hit, and threatened and treated with a lack of respect, could never happen here in Kangirsuk. Quiet reigns at Sautjuit school. A sneak peek raybans into several classrooms finds kids on their chairs and at their desks. There no noise, just classwork going on, as curious students stop to ask questions in near perfect French, English and Inuttitut. Among the decorations on the school corridors is a display of student work on the theme love shines out during a gathering held last month at the school gym to honour the best and brightest in Kangirsuk, including many students at the school. One is Alexander Nassak, who was nominated for a Governor General award for grabbing a friend out of icy water and saving his life. Or new 2011 grad Maggie Annahatak, who travelled to Antartica earlier this year with Students on Ice. And the Grade 10 students, who saw their poems and stories published this spring in a book, Roots: The Place where I live. year, 10 schools around Quebec participate in this project, sponsored by the Blue Metropolis Foundation to show off Quebec diversity. This year, students in Velta Douglas class took photos and wrote about the theme the land, from the land want to graduate from high school. We want to go to college to learn about art and history. We want to get a good job with a high salary. We want to work in health care, have a business, But we also dream about coming back and helping. We dream about being good leaders to take action.

photo published in the book shows a microwave package of spaghetti next to a caribou head. been a beautiful experience to work with the students on the project, Douglas says. For Tommy Kudluk the centre director, who been at Kangirsuk school for 19 years through good times and bad, things are looking up.

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