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Official Ray Ban Clubmaster Classic YH81061 Brown Leopard Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Clubmaster Classic YH81061 Brown Leopard Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Round
• Frame material: Nylon
• Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic sunglasses are retro and timeless. Inspired by the 50??s, the unmistakable design of the Clubmaster Classic is worn by c...

5m to get more people cycling and walking The money, to be spent over the sunglasses ray ban sale next three years, has been awarded by the Department for Transport for a scheme called Pushing Ahead, Your Journey Your Way. It will focus on Greater Norwich and the enterprise zone of Great Yarmouth, with the aim of improving access to work, education and training. The council said the funding will also target those looking to get back into work because access to transport and the cost of travel often restricts where jobseekers can look for work and their ability to attend interviews. Hilary Cox, member champion for walking and cycling at Norfolk County Council, said: "It's fantastic news that we've been awarded this grant and it's a great opportunity to provide a firm focus on cycling and walking in Norwich and Great Yarmouth. "The programme will help open up cycling to residents who haven't yet considered this as a viable transport option and it will provide clear information about the new trails and pedalways opening up in these two areas. "Encouraging more people to take up cycling and walking is not only great for the environment but is also a cost effective way of getting from A to B and that can only be a good thing." Tracy Jessop. assistant director for highways and transport at County Hall, said "We are very excited about the new opportunities that this fund will bring to the communities of Norwich and Great Yarmouth," The council has been working with AtoBetter to run a cycle loan scheme, with 30 bikes available in Norwich and Great Yarmouth, along with locks, helmets and lights. The grant means that can be extended to 200 bicycles. Ms Jessop said: "Our cycle loan scheme has been very popular so it's fantastic we'll be able to expand this offering. "We're also looking forward to working closely with community groups to run activity events, safety awareness sessions and to help make cycling and walking around their local areas a practical option. "All our planned events, initiatives and details on the cycle loan scheme can be found on our Pushing Ahead website, we would encourage everyone in the target areas to take an active interest so they can benefit from the scheme." The government grant follows the multi million pound Push sunnies ray ban The Pedalways and Transport for Norwich projects, which have seen changes made to make it easier for cyclists to get across the city although some of the schemes have attracted controversy. About 2 years ago I actually counted the number of cycles at rush hour on a city centre stretch of what is the pink pedal way about 1 every 10 minutes over 70 minutes which is too low to be significant even if doubled or quadruped. I will renew the count 2 years on although anecdotally I suspect the count will be similar implying all the cost and changes to the roads in the ray ban 4108 centre have been near worthless (at least to cycle numbers). Elsewhere for instance anybody seen many cycles on Mousehold seems another no show with the road narrowed needlessly. In short spend the money on things that might do some good all the rough sleepers, NHS, need I go on. Norwich police tweeted their fantastic new initiative today, an exciting poll to decide what the policing priority should be! The choices are speeding drivers on Duke St, drug dealing and prostitutes on Rosary, drugs on Old Palace Rd or pavement cycling. So they have speeding drivers and pavement cyclists as the options. It's like saying "What do you think we should concentrate on, the burning house or the people on fire running from it?" Thousands of drivers block and drive on Norwich pavements every single day. The police refuse to do anything, then send out stupid tweets to pretend they care. Well let us hope some real planning goes into how they will implement any training or strategic activities and provide support for the voluntary projects they want to deliver them. However based on previous and ray ban rb4125 ongoing projects I don't think they will.

Eaton St is currently undergoing substantial changes. Improvements to Bluebell Rd cycle path are out for consultation. However those two cycle pathsroutes DO NOT JOIN UP! Where is the sense in that? Neither do the proposed improvements go any further than North Park Avenue.

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