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Official Ray Ban Aviator RB3269 Sunglasses Red/Pattern Frame Blue Lens ADM

Official Ray Ban Aviator RB3269 Sunglasses Red/Pattern Frame Blue Lens ADM

• FOR: Women & Men
• Features: Glass
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The spontaneous choice of artists and celebrities, Ray-Ban has become a true worldwide phenomenon. Ray-Ban is preferred by legends, loved by individualists and imitated by everyone...

11 great places to meet women Guys, does this scenario sound familiar? (Gals, you might want to skip ahead.

) You're at a bar, and you see someone you're attracted to that's not the waitress. So you think, "I'm gonna go over ray ban 8041 and say hi just as soon as I finish this beer. And this J shot. And this other beer." If this situation is too close to home, it might be time to consider an alternative. For starters, forget nightclubs. Those are for amateurs. Women go because they know guys will hit on them, and they're prepared for that. They're with their girlfriends, they see you coming, they've heard it all. All they want is an ray ban prices ego boost and some entertainment as you try to impress her with your knowledge of fantasy baseball. Bars are better but you have to consider all the distractions loud music, other guys, the hot nut machine. Instead, think about other places, maybe even everyday places that would be conducive to spontaneous, friendly conversation, light interaction and possibly gentle flirtation. Consider any romantic comedy you've ever seen: how many of the couples have ever met at a nightclub (except for Knocked Up and you know what happened there!)? And who are romantic comedies aimed at? "Women want to be the stars of their own romantic comedy," as David Wygant, the dating expert who inspired the movie Hitch, has pointed out. Translation: women want to meet guys outside of the usual haunts. For one thing, such encounters seem much more fateful there's no sense of destiny in meeting someone at a bar. For another, a novel meeting will giver her something to talk about. "I told my friend someone I met standing in line at the post office asked me for coffee," says Nicole Williams, a fuel cell researcher in Vancouver. "And he thought that was weird, just because that never happens in this city." Nonetheless, her friend's opinion didn't stop her. If anything, it spurred her on. So reconsider that girl at the supermarket, in the bank lineup, at the gym, in the parole board waiting room. They're probably more open to a friendly "hello" and a bit of conversation than you think. And with that in mind, we've come up with a few places we think are a little bit out of the ordinary but possibly perfect. We've had gas stations in mind ever since we heard a story actor James Woods told on a late night talk show about how he met his then wife while ray ban usa filling his tank. "I asked her about the car she was driving because I said I was thinking about buying one," said the actor. And hey, how about these rising gas prices? Sheesh! 2. The Beach OK, maybe this one's a little on the obvious side. But. think of the beach as one giant meeting place. Everyone's relaxed and there's always a topic of conversation from "Yes, that's one of Danielle Steel's best." to "Can you oil the small of my back?" "The beach is fine," says the workout goddess next to us on the treadmill. "Because it's a neutral place and unthreatening. Everyone's there to relax and have a good time." 3. Classes "Not at the gym," says Katherine M., a government worker. "I'm sweaty, and I'm there to work out." But we think fitness classes are ideal. "If you go to a yoga class and you have really strong leg muscles, all the women are like, 'Ooh, who's that?" says 25 year old server Roseanna Marsh. "And if there's a guy in a Pilates class, the girls will be all over him." But don't just think fitness. Think cooking, language or emergency preparedness maybe it's just us, but don't you want your next girlfriend to have her own industrial strength flashlight and six months' supply of canned goods?What could be sexier or more provocative than all those frilly things tumbling around in a hot, vibrating container? Plus, there's something about meeting at the laundromat that says "destiny," especially on a Friday or Saturday night. Not that we would know. Plus everyone's kind of bored and most likely dying for a conversation. "Hmmm, I guess it would be OK," says student Anna Carruth, "as long as I'm not washing my thongs." 5. Wine Tastings A no brainer, really. Wine has never been sexier than at this moment in time and women love their wine. A little effort on your part and you should be able to find a tasting whether at a store or a fundraiser or trade show in your city. From there, it's a simple matter to brush up on your lingo, at least enough to bluff your way around a pinot noir. Seniors Homes No, we're not advocating picking up the elderly, though they do have the best stories. Best of all, women you meet at a seniors' home are bound to be compassionate, caring. and willing to put up with your incontinence which may come in handy down the road. Hospitals are also good, says Michael Kissinger. "It shows you're vulnerable," says the journalist. 8. Church Just because she's praying doesn't mean she's unavailable. In fact, she might be going to church to get from the Man Upstairs what she's not getting from the men in her ray ban sunglasses womens life. But guys, be careful with this one; show some respect, and have some Bible, or at least biblical sounding, psalms or quotes or something to throw out there when the conversation turns to spirituality. Or rent The Ten Commandments. "When I was in Bible study class, I met a group of singles," says Kim Brakop, a graphic designer and born again Christian. "We'd always get together and then go for brunch after. I think a couple became paired. But there wasn't pressure to do that."An obvious one, perhaps, but we're talking specifically about the self help section. Happy, contented women in relationships aren't the ones flipping through He's Just Not Into You. These are women likely to be single. Plus, browsing the self help section yourself makes you look as though you're "doing some work" on yourself (as if. right guys?). One downside: the goggles and facemasks can make it difficult to see who you're talking to. 11. Strip Clubs Yes, you read that right. Another of Alexander's suggestions. But don't go for the strippers, he says. "Go for the girls who go to watch.

They are in an excited state and tipsy, and there's lots of downtime between dancers." You're best off approaching the whole group, although if it's a girl's night out you might have your work cut out for you. In which case, you can always get a lap dance.

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