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Official Ray Ban Wayfarer Rare Prints RB2140 Green Pink Multi Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Wayfarer Rare Prints RB2140 Green Pink Multi Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Square
• Frame material: Acetate
• Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Rare Prints is a special collection that combines colorful new patterns with the Original Wayfarer design. Wear them p...

3D Print UK From The Oxford Times But if that sounds far fetched, then it is a practically prehistoric compared to the reality of the 3D printing process.

In effect, it has very little to do with printing at all, other than using a process that can be compared with how a printer reproduces an image on a computer screen.The difference is that the image on the screen is transformed by the machine into a tangible model before your eyes.But now it is becoming accessible to the man in the street as well as architects and designers who can ray ban aviator rb3025 see the benefits of having a model in their hands or on a display stand, ray ban 5184 as well as thevirtual version on screen.Nick Allen recognised the potential of the system and has started his own business, having invested 35,000 in the "printer" machinery which can bring what he describes as people's "digitalMeccano" to life.The machine takes the computer aided design (CAD) image from the computer and then builds the model from resin or plastic with layer after layer being added down to a fraction of a millimetre untilit is completed.The advantages of this process over traditional model making techniques are clear. 3D printing is cheaper, cutting costs often from thousands of pounds to hundreds and it is also far faster.Mr Allen said: "It can take six weeks to wait for a mould to be made. But if someone sends me a file I can turn it into a model, sometimes in an hour."As a result, Mr Allen's customers are those who would normally think long and hard before investing time and money in commissioning models.He is targeting the "maker movement" a growing number of people making their own models on computers in their bedrooms using free software such as Google Sketchup.This allows them to create 3D designs which can be their ideas for buildings, vehicles or characters they have developed for computer games such as World of Warcraft.As a result, they have their own model which they designed themselves and then produced as a one off creation.All they have to do is e mail their design to Mr Allen and he turns their virtual creation into reality.Mr Allen said: "I have a model of a model aircraft which was designed by an 11 year old boy. It would have cost 10,000 to produce it conventionally, ray ban 4141 but I did it for rayban clubmaster 30."Another example is a model of the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield inserted into a specially cut out book to use as a display for visitors to the theatre. That cost 200.Mr Allen added: "I can do limited production runs but 90 per cent of my work is concerned with one offs. I am doing a finger ring for a member of a hard rock band, which will be unique.

"That cost him 10 and he would have paid far more if he had bought a ring in a shop."Mr Allen, 27, studied product design at Salford University and engineering at Manchester University before moving to Oxford to work with Hallidays Hydropower run by Henry Reily Collins and hisfamily, who converted Dandridge's Mill, East Hanney, into state of the art apartments featuring an Archimedean screw driven by the original mill race that develops power for the complex.At the end of July, Mr Allen decided to follow his passion for 3D print and set up his own company, 3D Print UK, in Marston Street, Oxford.

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