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Official Ray Ban #ms12271

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40 years for murder TRIPLE killer Tony Dent will not be eligible for parole until he is 85 after being sentenced to a maximum 40 years' jail for the brutal murder of Tony O'Grady at a Wickham park.

Triple killer Tony Dent. Dent, who has already spent nearly 33 years in jail including for a double murder in 1977, was given a non parole period of 30 years by NSW Supreme Court Justice Robert Allan Hulme in Newcastle on Friday. And although he has been in jail since his arrest a few weeks after the 2014 slaying, Dent will not start his murder sentence until next week after getting a further two years for three contempt charges including one where he threatened Justice ray ban glasses for men Hulme that he would "rip his f king face off''. Dent was more subdued in Newcastle on Friday, although he still muttered "f k you'' as he was being led away by a throng of NSW Corrective Services officers after being sentenced. Justice Hulme described the murder of Mr O'Grady as "callous, cruel and brutal" after the 53 year old was set upon by Dent as they walked across Thomas Armstrong Oval on ray ban c March 25, 2014 after the victim was lured to the area on the promise of a party. Still alive but suffering a severe head injury, Mr O'Grady was hogtied and partially striped naked before Dent ripped his underpants to manufacture a gag, which his stuffed down his victim's throat and tied tightly behind his head. The ray ban i court heard Mr O'Grady could have survived for up to eight hours before succumbing to his injuries. Dent and several other men had planned to rob Mr O'Grady, a heavy drinker who enjoyed the company of the underprivileged, after discovering he had inherited a significant amount of money and was known to be generous. The killer stole $500 off Mr O'Grady as he lay dying on the ground. Mr O'Grady's body lay next to a turf cricket pitch as early morning motorists drove past, and was only about 50 metres from where he had also used his bare hands to kill two men near Passmore Oval in 1977. The similarities were compelling both were savage beatings without the need for a weapon with robbery as a motive. Dent had been released for the murders in 1992, but had spent most of his time back in jail for armed robberies, assaults and drug supply before being released just four months before he murdered Mr O'Grady. Justice Hulme said Dent had "clearly" showed no signs of remorse in the attack where he was the "dominant personality" and had "manipulated" the others. One other man, who can not be identified, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to four years and 10 months jail. Justice Hulme said Dent had intended to inflict grievous bodily harm on Mr O'Grady. "I am also satisfied that when he tightly gagged, hog tied, and left him face down, if he did not specifically intend that Mr O'Grady should die he at least would have realised that he possibly would,'' Justice Hulme said. "In the end, I do not think he cared one way or the other. "Epithets such as 'callous', 'cruel' and 'brutal' easily spring to mind but the mere recounting of the facts themselves makes clear that this is a very grave example of the crime of murder.'' He said Dent was "institutionalised'', had a "conduct ray ban 3342 disorder" and an "anti social disorder" and represented a danger to society. Including the contempt charges, Justice Hulme sentenced Dent to a maximum of 42 years imprisonment with a non parole period of 32 years, which would expire in 2046 when Dent would be aged 85. Mr O'Grady's cousin John Ryan, who was in court for the sentencing, said his family wanted to remember the postive things about his murdered relative. "This process is now finished. We are grateful for the effort, commitment and effectiveness of police,'' Mr Ryan said. "Similarly, we are grateful for the commitment and effectiveness of the prosecution.

"There is not further need to have to allow Dent to be part of our thoughts. "Our focus can now be on the positives of Tony O'Grady and his life.'' Local 90MinutesRed and Blue HQTipping CompetitionSoccerNRLNational AFLBasketballTournamentsRacing FormFishing.

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