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Official Ray Ban Wayfarer RB2140 Sunglasses Black Frame Crystal Lens ANF

Official Ray Ban Wayfarer RB2140 Sunglasses Black Frame Crystal Lens ANF

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Since 1937, the name Ray-Ban has been associated with some of the most iconic styles in the history of sunglasses. From the style worn by pilots during World War II (the Aviator) t...

A to Z of the NRL Grand Final As in Lance.

American cyclist of some renown who has never been to a rugby league game in his life but whose fortunes have been inextricably linked to South Sydney. How so? Well, Armstrong was born on September 18, 1971 the day the Bunnies beat St George 16 10 to claim their last grand final victory. True story. Souths will be hoping that by 9.30pm tomorrow they have something to show for 43 years of sweat and toil, unlike Lance. B is for BARBECUE. B is also for beer. Traditional grand final sustenance. The biggest day of the season is no place for vegetarian teetotallers. Some reckon the night time kick off is anti BBQ, but there is nothing in the rule book to say you can't have a lunch time feast and reheat the leftovers before the main game. Don't make the rookie error of buying cheap, horrible, supermarket snags. Do yourself a favour and pay your butcher a visit. C is for CROWE. As in Russell. Forget Gladiator, Romper Stomper, Robin Hood and Noah, this surely is Rusty's greatest performance. True, he can be a tad on the cheesy side but the Bunnies could have done plenty worse for a private owner. Just ask Knights fans. D is for DAVE. As in Smith. NRL chief executive and former Welsh banker (that's not rhyming slang, by the way). After two years in the gig, he has a better grasp how much are ray ban glasses of the game and nuances such as players' names. Looking forward to presenting the Provan Summons Medal to the man of the match and the Clive Churchill Trophy to the winning team. E is for EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. For so long the last bastion of sexist pigs, rugby league has stepped boldly into a more enlightened era with an influx of women on club boards and even a female CEO of the Bulldogs, Raelene Castle. Obviously the rayban glass next step will be the introduction of blokes as cheerleaders. F is for FRANK. As in Pritchard. Bulldogs forward known as ''Frank the Tank'' because he is a loose cannon capable of blowing holes in the opposition or running straight over them. An Olympic class exponent of the shoulder charge to the head, to be brutally Frank, Frank can be quite brutal. G is for GEORGE. As in Piggins. The former Souths captain, coach and chairman whose reward for ray ban sunglasses buy online saving the club from oblivion was to get turfed out. Has begrudgingly agreed to attend his first game in seven years but don't expect to see him hamming it up in Rusty Crowe's corporate box. H is for HASLER. As in Des. Bulldogs coach and former lead singer in 1980s pop group Duran Duran. Win or lose, he is unlikely to say anything remotely newsworthy at the post match press conference, either because he is (a) extremely wary of the media, (b) an introvert or (c) genuinely dull. I is for INGLIS. Souths' weakest link. Lacks size and speed and is unlikely to worry Canterbury's defenders, especially on kick returns. Renowned for going missing in big games. Not a patch on Souths' fullbacks sunglasses sale ray ban from the glory days, such as Bronko Djura and Rod Maybon. J is for JOHNSTON. As in Alex. Souths winger whose first claim to fame was starring as a junior Greg Inglis in the NRL's 2009 season launch commercial. Unlike the song Feels Like Woah and the singer, some Australian Idol bloke called Wes Carr, Johnston has kicked on. K is for KEARY. As in Luke. Rabbitohs five eighth. Hopefully he works a runaround move with winger Lote Tuqiri tomorrow to score, prompting Rabbits Warren to immortalise the moment with the line: ''It's Keary, to Tuqiri, to Keary TRY!'' L is for LUKE. As in Issac. Joins John Lomax, Luke Ricketson and Cameron Smith in the grand final Hall of Shame after being suspended for a dangerous throw. Has attracted widespread sympathy but plays like an angry ant, possibly a byproduct of lifelong frustration caused by the obvious spelling mistake in his Christian name. M is for MICHAEL. As in Ennis. The Bulldogs skipper has earned the utmost respect from his rival players for exemplary sportsmanship. Always features prominently in best and fairest awards. There is speculation he will become the first man to play in a grand final on crutches. N IS FOR NEVILLE.

As in Nobody. A colloquial term coined for low profile players who are quiet achievers. Grand finals are the perfect day for Nevilles to make a name for themselves, such as Neville Costigan with the Dragons in 2011 or Neville Glover at Parramatta in 1976.

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