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Official Ray Ban Highstreet RB4057 Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Highstreet RB4057 Sunglasses

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Adam Buckland returns to Gong to play his best songs A musician for two decades, releasing at least 20 albums and EPs, next week Adam Buckland returns to Wollongong for a gig where he'll run through a sample of his back catalogue, writes GLEN HUMPHRIES If you were the organised type who sorts their CD collection in alphabetical order, Adam Buckland's output would give you a few headaches.

The Wollongong born musician has been performing in bands for more than 20 years. Up near the front you'd find the punky trio Boys on Bex. Well, you would if you happened to have downloaded and burned the live compilation Buckland posts to his Bandcamp page every now and again. Adam Buckland with his Dodgy World bandmates Noah Hampson (left) and current Ensemble drummer Darren Ireland. Picture: Sylvia Liber There would be a few CDs, singles and cassette EPs under F for punk pop stalwarts Fugg. Adam Buckland in his Mangerton flat where he did a lot of his recording. Picture: Adam McLean Quite a few CDs would be nestled in the Ds, for The Dodgy World of Adam Buckland (in A Z sorting the word "The" can safely be ignored). Over at the ray ban wayfarer polarized S section would live the two CDs from Sweet Sweet Bulbs. Back up to the Bs you'd find a CD or two under the name of Adam Buckland. In the Ws would be a short two track disc from an alter ego named Walkman Ray All up he's had a hand in more than 20 CDs, vinyl singles and cassette releases under no fewer than six different outfits. So when he gets an itch to perform songs from all those eras, what's the best way ray ban 4075 to bring them all together? Well, you create yet another band and so is born The Adam Buckland Ensemble. "With Dodgy World, I'd been using that as a name since before 2000," Buckland says. "I ended that in 2013 after I'd brought out a couple of albums, because it nicely tied up that whole thing that I was doing with Dodgy World. "Since then I've been looking for something else and that's what I'm doing with The Adam Buckland Ensemble. It ties up everything rather than one style of thing I do. "I've been looking for a band that ties up everything that I've done in the past and can do everything I do in the future too." Buckland started his musical career in the early 1990s with that punky trio Boys on Bex (kids, back in the old days, Bex was an over the counter headache drug than, umm, turned out to be highly addictive). From there he became one of the founding members of Fugg, a punk pop outfit with a penchant for dressing up onstage. In the tail end of his time in Fugg, Buckland also formed the more introspective The Dodgy World of Adam Buckland, with the first CD under that name released on 2001. Dodgy World was often experimental featuring backwards vocals and albums that featured "songs" combined into one unbroken 34 minute ray ban sale sunglasses stream but highlighted Buckland's fondness for both The Beatles and psychedelia. As a side project in 2004 he created Sweet Sweet Bulbs, which features bassist Mal Wales and drummer Darren Ireland who are for the time being the rest of the "ensemble" in The Adam Buckland Ensemble. Sweet Sweet Bulbs released two albums, including the curiously named Leben mit der harten hand, die vom weichen Kopf kommt (BTW it's German for "Life with the hard hand that comes from the soft head"). While pumping out ray ban wayfarer similar albums under the Dodgy World name, in 2014 he put out a two track EP under the name Walkman Ray.

Which brings us up to The Adam Buckland Ensemble, which has its Wollongong debut next Saturday. It's also the first Wollongong show Buckland has performed since he moved to Melbourne in 2010. With Buckland in Melbourne and Wales and Ireland in Wollongong, preparing for next week's gig has been slotted in whenever he came home for a visit.

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