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Official Ray Ban Wayfarer Color Splash RB2140 Green Blue Sunglasses

Official Ray Ban Wayfarer Color Splash RB2140 Green Blue Sunglasses

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Square
• Frame material: Acetate
• Looks best on these face shapes: All shapes

This exclusive model is only available on Ray-Ban.com and comes in explosive colors. The Classic Wayfarer - RB2140 - in itself is already an abs...

ACT may relax its ban on billboards ButGreens planning committee chair Caroline LeCouteurhas hit out at the chief minister's 'thought bubble", saying there was not community support for relaxing the restrictions.

"Of course the Chief Minister can move a motion in the Assembly and ask the planning committee to look at this issue if he wants to, but quite honestly I don't think he's going to get much support from our community for it," Ms LeCouteursaid. "We love living in Canberra, it's the bush capital of Australia and such a liveable city. Not being bombarded ray ban sale online with big business advertising 24/7 is part of what makes our city such a great place to live. "Quite frankly reviewing the billboard restrictions sounds like a thought bubble from Andrew Barr." Mr Barr said if ray ban new the planning committee was not interested in examining the billboard ban, the government would consider an internal review. Billboards have been barred in the ACT since the 1930s. An ordinance banning advertising on Commonwealth property without approval has been in place since 1937. The issue of outdoor advertising was hotly debated in the 1980s before the Minister for the Capital Territory decided to continue to enforce the ban. However an amendment of the National Capital Plan in wayfarer sunglasses 2000 allowed them to be displayed at the Canberra Airport. In other areas of the city theban has not been strictly enforced. In 2014, the giant advertisements on the side of the Canberra Centre were found not to comply with planning laws with no recordthe Environment and Planning Directorate approved the signs, although the ???? ray ban aviator centre said the billboards were approved as a part of their development application. A year earlier,the government floated plans to allow a few ads to raise some cash. The Canberra Theatre Centre and the National Convention Centre both host digital billboards, which isa murky area.

Canberra Theatre Centre has this week used theirs to displaythe image of two Muslim girls celebrating Australia Day that caused controversy in Melbourne. The image has remained in rotationon the billboard, despite reports of violent online threats against the centre. "I think all Canberrans can see the difference between a temporary public service announcement from the government supporting multiculturalism and inclusion; and 24/7 commercial advertising from business," Ms LeCouteur said.

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