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Official Ray Ban Cats RB4125 Sunglasses ALF

Official Ray Ban Cats RB4125 Sunglasses ALF

• FOR: Women & Men
• Shapes: Pilot
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Ray-Ban ® Cats 5000 RB4125 sunglasses take the iconic Aviator? and reinterprets it into a new version crafted in lightweight propionate plasti...

Acadian Games cancelled but organizers hopeful While the Jeux De L'Acadie the Acadian Games won't be taking place in the usual format this May, organizers say they'll still help the province's francophone athletes qualify for the inter provincial competition in New Brunswick in the summer.

This week the board overseeing the Acadia Games cancelled the 33rd annual regional tournament, which was to be held in Clare on Victoria Day weekend for students who attend a school within conseil acadien scolaire provincial. "Acadians are resilient people," event executive director Jillian Comeau told the Chronicle Herald. ray ban rb3445 "Our spirits are high and we will find ways to work around it." The decision affects approximately 800 Nova Scotian high school student athletes competing in soccer, volleyball, badminton, mountain biking, track and field, ultimate frisbee and mini handball. The annual event is more than just ray ban 3026 an athletic competition; it's also an opportunity for francophone competitors to engage in social camaraderie and make cultural connections. Because of the francophone emphasis of the Games, there are also performing arts competitions that relate to Acadian aviator ray ban sunglasses culture. "We like to provide them an opportunity to get together at least once a year to see old friends and meet new ones," said the board's vice president, Chris Frotten of Tusket. He said the board appreciates the frustrations that come with change, but the committee and regional volunteers are working hard to ensure the students can still participate in some way. Frotten led the board during the recent teachers' job action as board president Angie Aucoin is a teacher. Aucoin has since resumed her executive position and will continue to volunteer, said Comeau. In total the event relies on approximately 400 volunteers, including teachers, parents and others in the community. Because about 80 per cent of the coaching volunteers are teachers, work to rule prohibited them from communicating to the provincial committee, forming rosters and coaching teams, a process that usually begins in January. "At first there was some time just to get used to what the NSTU (Nova Scotia Teachers Union) would allow and get a sense of what teachers could do," Frotten said. Once that was established, they set a Feb. 28 deadline to decide whether the event would proceed or not. "We didn't want to get between teachers and the government and add to the situation," said Frotten. As it stands, students are behind in practice by almost two months, said Comeau. "We wouldn't have enough time to pull together the calibre of the event we normally have," she said. Comeau said the committee appealed to 11 regional organizers to see if they'd still be interested in hosting a tournament in their area for the specific competitions in mid May, and asked them to indicate their interest by March 3. Athletes must play at least one game to qualify for the finals being held in Fredericton beginning June 28 and continuing over the Canada ray ban polarized Day weekend with athletes from each of the four Atlantic Provinces. While some teachers are choosing not to volunteer after government imposed a contract on them, for others the Games "are their life" and they are pushing forward to continue, said Comeau.

"And we are getting parents who are stepping up, who are saying, 'We know this is important and how can we help?' It's very promising and encouraging to see. "If they can't host but still have athletes wishing to compete, we're asking them to still come forward to see how we can organize them to play so they still qualify," said Comeau. "We hope all the delegates from Nova Scotia can come to Fredericton," said Yannick Mainville, who heads the society for Jeux de l'Acadie in New Brunswick.

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